Create your own romance with the Glorious Candlestick

For any special occasion or romantic evening at home, candles are a must. You can buy cheap generic candles from Walmart. But with the Glorious Candlestick, you can create your own unique design.

Create your own romance with the Glorious Candlestick
Create your own Glorious Candlestick
  • What is the best material for a candle holder? Try stainless steel. As the name suggests, this alloy won’t stain when heated or coated in hot wax.
  • Does stainless steel rust? It can, although generally this will only occur if you leave the metal outside for a lengthy period. Indoors, the steel will remain rust-free.
  • Can you create a customized candle holder? Yes. With the Glorious Candlestick, you can add a name, a message, or even a picture or your choosing.

Long ago, candles were the main source of light after dark. While new technology replaced the wax in a practical sense, we are still somehow attracted to that naked flame. In fact, it feels wrong to have a romantic dinner or a relaxing bath without a few flickering candles. If you regularly enjoy this experience, you might want to invest in a Glorious Candlestick. These elegant candles come in a metallic case, which can be customized with any message or picture.

What is a customizable candlestick?

You probably haven’t given much thought to the design of your candle holders. At some point, you saw something that looks okay and bought it — the end. But what if your candlestick was something to admire?

candle holder 03

The Glorious Candlestick is something to admire

That’s what the Glorious Candlestick is all about. Made from 304 stainless steel, this handsome holder comes in a range of designs. Just as importantly, you can add any name, short message, or image to the candlestick.

stainless steel 03

You can add names to the Glorious Candlestick

This customization makes the Glorious Candlestick special to you or someone you love. It actually makes a great gift, particularly for Valentine’s Day!

On the inside, the Glorious Candelstick has a unique bed of springs. This mechanism will keep a candle any size stable, even when the wax starts to melt away. Most impressively, the flame always remains at the perfect height.

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Stylish candlestick

candle holder 04

The Glorious Candlestick makes a great gift

There are nine different versions of the Glorious Candlestick, but each shares the same base design. The stainless steel forms a cup shape, into which you can place a candle of any size. The steel is only 1.5mm thick, and it will retain that metallic sheen after years of use.

stainless steel 01

This candle holder will look good for years

The main difference between the various designs can be found at the top of the candlestick. The Music version has notes cut out of the steel, while Bubble has numerous round windows. Other styles include Heart, Wheat, Canadian Maple, Stars, Rain & Thunder, and the Simple curved shape.

stainless steel 02

The Glorious Candlestick comes in nine designs

Every Glorious Candlestick is customized by hand, and you get a lifetime warranty. The engraving never fades, and you can safely wash the steel with soap and water.

“Many features make this candlestick special and unique, other than the elegance of design, which can’t be found in retail stores. It is important for us to manufacture each candlestick individually for our customers to feel it is customized only for them.” — Hamid Izadi on Kickstarter

Beautiful flame

candle holder 02

They even look good on your desk

If you love lighting candles in the evening, it makes sense to create your own candlestick. The Glorious Candlestick lets you get super creative, and it should last for years.

Future designs

We are looking forward to seeing what the team behind the Glorious Candlestick will come up with next! Maybe a different shape? Only time will tell.


– Kickstarter: Until October 2nd

– Pledge: $14.84 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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