SwitchBot S10 review: This AI robot vacuum makes floor cleaning hands-free

Tired of juggling work, family, and cleaning chores? Meet the SwitchBot S10. It's a hands-free cleaning companion that simplifies your daily routine.

SwitchBot S10 review: This AI robot vacuum makes floor cleaning hands-free
SwitchBot S10 refills and drains by itself

Put cleaning your floors on auto mode with the SwitchBot S10. This AI robot vacuum flaunts a 100% hands-free design, filling and draining itself!

My house is a busy place, and I’m guessing yours is too. Between work, dropping kids off at activities, and getting everyone fed and in bed on time, each day can feel like a marathon.

So it’s only natural for the floors to get a little neglected. Sure, a robot vacuum can help, but even they must be drained, refilled, and emptied regularly.

Or do they? The S10 by SwitchBot aims to have a completely different design. It connects to your plumbing, so it refills and drains itself.

Doesn’t it sound cool? Then follow me as I dive into its main features.

SwitchBot S10 intro video

Refills water and adds soap

The beauty of this AI robot vacuum and mop is its hands-free use. Say you want to mop the floor, but the S10 doesn’t have enough water. All the vacuum needs to do is visit the Water Station, where it refills with water.

You can even add a cleaning solution to the Water Station. That way, you don’t have to add soap every time. And that’s it; the robot is ready to clean and mop your floors, and all you had to do was the bare minimum.

So how is it possible? The S10’s standalone water station has 2 pipes: one that connects to fresh water and another to the sewage drain system.

After you connect the pipes, they can supply and drain water, just like a washing machine!

Self-drains to stop odors

No one particularly likes draining mop water, but it’s necessary. Thankfully, the SwitchBot S10 eliminates this chore, too.

Yep, once it’s done mopping your floors, it dispenses the murky water through the Water System’s connection to your home’s drainage pipe.

This lets you avoid smells from stagnant water and allows you keep your hands clean so you can do something else. Overall, it’s a huge advancement from previous all-in-one robot vacuums and mops, which need to be cleaned manually.

SwitchBot S10
SwitchBot S10 Water Station in a kitchen

Installs in minutes

Did you get slightly nervous when I mentioned the plumbing connection? To be honest, so did I. The thought of dealing with plumbing is enough to make me avoid a project altogether.

However, SwitchBot promises that the S10’s installation process is easy and takes only 3 steps. Setting it up takes, on average, just 5 minutes.

Yes, if you have a dishwasher or washing machine at home, you can use this cleaning gadget. It shares the water supply of these machines using 3-way accessories that the company provides.

And even if you don’t have a dishwasher or a washing machine, you can still use the product. You’ll just need special water pipes from the company to connect to your home’s plumbing system.

SwitchBot S10
SwitchBot S10 components

Boasts high-performance vacuuming and mopping

While these automatic features are nice, an AI robot vacuum and mop is only as good as its mopping and vacuum power. Because there’s no point in having fancy capabilities if the gadget doesn’t correctly pick up dirt and clean, am I right?

Thankfully, you can count on the S10 to deliver a professional-level clean. In fact, it has an anti-tangle rubber brush and a high-power suction force up to 6,500 Pa.

Just think of it as having a housekeeper on call to handle daily cleaning and random spills. In the meantime, you can have fun doing more of what you love, whether that’s baking cookies or building Star Wars LEGO sets.

The mop function, too, offers powerful real-time cleaning. During mopping, the Roller Mop is sprayed with clean water while dirty water is removed. In fact, the mop is cleaned and wiped up to 300 times per minute.

So, it’s a given that this mop always washes your floors with pristine water, effectively removing dirt and grime from your floors. Handwashing the floors can’t even compare with this baby.

Suits different floor surfaces

Do you have hardwood floors except for the kitchen and bathrooms? Maybe you like having wall-to-wall carpet in the bedrooms. Well, don’t worry; this AI robot vacuum and mop handles flooring of all kinds.

It’s definitely carpet-friendly. In fact, its ultrasonic sensor can automatically switch from mopping when it notices carpet. It will also stop spraying water and rotate the Roller Mop to dry wet spots.

And the SwitchBot S10 is excellent for hard floors, too. Thanks to its efficient water use, it reduces water stains after mopping.

Stores debris for up to 70 days

Moreover, you don’t have to constantly empty dust and debris from the S10—its Auto-empty Station features a 4L dust bag.

The robot automatically empties its dust after each session, so you need to remove waste only when the bag reaches capacity, which takes about 70 days.

It’s one more chore you can cross off your to-do list, so you can keep your mind focused on the things you enjoy.

Understands your home’s layout using AI

I also mentioned that the SwitchBot S10 uses AI. Yes, with its LiDAR navigation, this home robot constructs maps of your home and can plan effective cleaning routes. Plus, it can identify the location of obstacles, detect stairs, and cross thresholds.

Of course, there may be areas that you don’t want this AI robot vacuum to clean. And, in those situations, you can set up no-go zones. This is super convenient if you don’t want it entering Fido’s domain or cleaning the baby’s room during naptime.

Eliminates floor care from your to-do list

The SwitchBot S10 can seriously reduce the time spent cleaning your floors. With automatic water refilling and self-draining capabilities, it’s a valuable asset for maintaining a pristine home.

In my opinion, the S10 is a great way to streamline your cleaning. If, like me, you look for ways to optimize your time at home, this gadget is a no brainer!

Want a SwitchBot S10 of your own? Preorder it for $899 on Kickstarter.

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