The Think Ink Fidget Pen Lets You Fidget and Focus

The Think Ink Fidget Pen Lets You Fidget and Focus

When you’re working, do you sit impossibly still and remain attentive? Or do you, like the majority of the population, fidget? Whether you’re a pen clicker to a table tapper, a more acceptable way to fidget is out there. Introducing the Think Ink Fidget Pen. This writing utensil helps:
– busy your idle hands
– retain your focus
– entertain you

Because our fidgets are notoriously unpredictable (and annoying for others), an appropriate release is necessary. The Think Ink Pen caters to your every fidget desire. It has all the tools you need no matter what your mood.

Fidget Pen

This Fidget Pen Has it All

This pen really has it all and everyone can benefit from it. The Think Ink Pen features a stainless steel flexo shaft that can handle your fidgety wear and tear. It’s even bendable! The top of the pen also features rare earth magnets so you can silently spin, push, and pull to your heart’s delight.

The Think Ink Pen also has a carbon steel sphere at the top. It smoothly and effortlessly spins for maximum fidgeting. Finally, the pen is finished with a detachable flexo clip. Bend it, twist it, and even remove it for unprecedented satisfaction.

Fidget Pen

Endless Fidget Possibilities

The reason the Think Ink Pen is so perfect is that you’ll never get bored of it. And, if you decide to simply tap away or even chew, the durable materials will hold up. The Think Ink Pen is great for brainstorming and occupying your hands. Just think of all the innocent pens, pencils, and devices you’ll save from destruction!

Fidget Pen

Fidget for Success

It has been proven (by me and loads of studies) that fidgeting actually helps with your focus and productivity. So, if you tend to be still while working, the Think Ink Pen can actually bring your efficiency up a notch. Best of all, the pen is the perfect way to add some beneficial fun to your work day.

Fidget Pen

Slide This Way

In addition to the pen, the Think Ink team have developed an array of sliders to occupy your fidgeting hands. Attaching to your pencil, they come in three sizes including the Slip n’ Slide, the Nutty Buddy, and the Li’l Thinker.

Fidget Pen

What We Love

Hands down, this is the best tool for staying off social media while working. Rather than simply occupying our hands, it’s a useful writing tool so we can get down to brass tacks after fidgeting our way to great ideas.

The Future of Fidgeting

I’m a pen user and also have a favorite pen. It would be amazing if this level of fidget solutions were available to slide on my trusty ballpoint.

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Indiegogo: Successful campaign ended in December 2016
– Price: $64 for the pen and sliders; $44 for the pen and bonus gifts
– Availability: April 2017

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