Travialist wants to be your expert worldwide tour guide

For too long, travelers have relied on guidebooks and unreliable websites to provide local knowledge. Travialist wants to bring travel planning into the 21st century.

Travialist wants to be your expert worldwide tour guide

It would be fair to say that traveling is much less stressful now than it was twenty years ago. While Google Maps lets you see your destination before you even arrive, TripAdvisor lets you read reviews on local hotels and restaurants. Thanks to Airbnb, you can even rent a room from someone on the other side of the world. But none of this really helps you when you arrive. Travialist wants to fill in the gaps, with expert local knowledge of every major destination. In addition, this new smartphone app provides a safe place for travelers to chew the fat and share their experiences.

Worldwide tour guide

Take a brief look around the App Store, and you will find thousands of apps dedicated to travel. There are digital guidebooks, translation apps, bus and train information apps, hotel apps, and many more. While some perform their role well, there are two negative trends that emerge.

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Siteseeing made easy

Firstly, many travel apps simply don’t provide good information. This is often because the app in question is simply a vehicle for advertising. In other cases, the data is out of date or the ratings have been manipulated.

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The second issue is privacy. Travelers are often willing to help others with first-hand knowledge — but few people are willing to share their travel plans on traditional social networks.

Travialist is a brand new app that has been designed specifically to overcome these problems. It’s essentially a tour guide in your pocket.

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Plan your trip

Top features

For starters, the Travialist app is packed with useful information. You can look up 20 million points of interest in 9000 cities around the world. The app also has custom maps that allow you to search around your destination.

Then, there’s the planner. This allows you to create your perfect itinerary before you even board a plane. Travialist provides insider knowledge from other adventurers, with places and activities to suit every type of vacation. When you arrive, the Journal feature lets you record your experiences.

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A social world

And then there’s the social aspect. Travialist has an Instagram-like social area, with the addition of encrypted messaging. However, you won’t need to worry about your privacy here. All your data is stored securely in Switzerland, and Travialist conforms to GDPR principles, meaning you have full control.

Travialist will be free to use, with affordable monthly plans providing offline information and great travel-related content. The app is still in beta at present, but Travialist has serious potential.

“We decided to go the extra mile and extra cost factor and host every piece of data in Switzerland, where data access is far better regulated on a user perspective.”

“So this is it, Travialist was born, a unique social travel network where your privacy matters! Let your data travel to Switzerland while you enjoy another great city, a cocktail on the beach or simply sip a drink in your favorite coffee shop.” — Travialist on IndieGoGo

Things we ❤

It’s high time that travelers had a true digital guidebook, complete with social features. The privacy-conscious nature of Travialist is also important, given Facebook’s recent issues.

The challenges

For all the good intentions, Travialist faces an uphill battle against more established names. As a social app, it needs a critical mass of users in order to be viable.


– IndieGoGo: Until June 2018

– Pledge: $10 USD

– Delivery: September 2018

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