How to work smarter with the X LapDesk

The secret to getting things done is being able to focus on what you need to do. Sometimes, that means finding a more comfortable chair. Usually, the more comfortable the chair, the less convenient a table is to reach. But the X LapDesk is packed with features, helping you work smarter wherever you’re seated.

How to work smarter with the X LapDesk
Work smarter with the X LapDesk

There’s a stereotype in the minds of some office workers about “working from home.” Obviously, it doesn’t actually mean relaxing on the sofa all day. However, there is no reason why you can’t work from your sofa all day. Comfortable seating can help you focus on the task at hand, and make work seem less like work.

Of course, there are some challenges associated with working away from your desk. There’s nowhere for a mouse mat, your phone, your calculator, or anything else to be honest. That is where X LapDesk comes in. This versatile workstation helps you work smarter by providing a surface for your laptop and accessories. It also has an array of useful features built in.

What is a lap desk workstation?

You may have come across lap desks before. Most are about the size of a food tray, and about as advanced. Some offer a little cushioning, and maybe a place for a mouse pad.

How to work smarter with the X LapDesk

X LapDesk is packed with features

In contrast, a lap desk workstation brings your desk to your sofa. X LapDesk falls into this category, and it’s a standout product. Made from beautiful yet durable bamboo plywood, this workstation can help you work smarter and play harder.

The workstation comes in two versions: X LapDesk B is for productivity, while X LapDesk G is for gaming. The differences are subtle, but making the distinction is a good move.

How to work smarter

How to work smarter with the X LapDesk

Both versions of X LapDesk have cooling vents

Both versions of the X LapDesk have a tray for your laptop, complete with triangular cutouts for cooling. On the B version, there are two wrist supports in front of this tray to make typing more comfortable. On the G gaming version, you get a single sliding wrist cushion.

How to work smarter with the X LapDesk

X LapDesk has a built-in charger

On the right of the desk, you will find a built-in mouse mat. Just above this, there is a 10KW Qi wireless charging pad. The X LapsDesk also has a USB 3.0 hub on board.

Further back, there is a magnetic attachment point for the four supplied Docking Holders. These include a phone mount, a tablet mount, storage for pens, and a makeup-style mirror.

How to work smarter with the X LapDesk

You will find hidden storage in X LapDesk

Down on the front lip of the X LapDesk, you will discover some storage. On the B version, there are two drawers: one containing a calculator and one containing a 4.4-inch LCD tablet for note-taking. On the G version, you get one big drawer for whatever you like.

How to work smarter with the X LapDesk

You can use X LapDesk on the sofa or at your desk

Aside from being useful on the sofa, X LapDesk can be used in bed or on top of your regular desk. The adjustable base means you will always find the perfect angle for typing. This versatility also means you can easily pick up and move your entire workspace.

“Designed and produced to sit on your lap, the X LapDesk has a superbly comfortable cushion base. Aside from that, it’s unlike any other lap desk. It sports a built-in mouse pad, fast charger, plug-and-play USB hub, and an ambient light.” — CiDD on Indiegogo

What we ❤️

This is the lap desk with everything. It is sturdy, versatile, and the choice of two versions means you get specialist features.

Future designs

The natural bamboo looks great, but we would love to see some different looks at some point.


X LapDesk is available to pre-order now on Indiegogo until November 13th. The workstation is priced at $199, and delivery is expected to commence in February 2020. If you’re looking for a way to work smarter, this accessory would make a great investment.

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