The Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag is leak-proof for your travels

The Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag is leak-proof for your travels

Have you ever experienced the absolute worst while traveling? No, not losing your passport. We’re talking about opening your suitcase to find your shampoo has exploded everywhere. Worse still, this was on your outbound journey. Whether you’ve had this issue or simply fear it happening, you must check out the Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag. This bag:
– has space for all of your toiletries
– features an all-silicone design
– can be used anywhere

The Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag

Affectionately known as a D-Bag, the Doppel Bag is your key to travel success. Complete with a 100% silicone structure, it’s totally leak-proof. You can pack in all of your toiletries from mouthwash to hairspray without fear. Even if your bottles burst inside, the Doppel Bag will contain the spill and keep the rest of your luggage safe and sound.

Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag

Double duty

Of course, the power of silicone goes both ways. In addition to keeping spills in, this bag also keeps spills out. The Doppel Bag can join you anywhere to give you total peace of mind. It’s the perfect bag for taking to the beach and on your adventures. Use it to protect your smartphone, keys, tickets, and anything else you want to keep dry. The silicone keeps out the dirt, dust, grime, and even water. Measuring 10 inches long, the Doppel Bag suits all parts of your travels.

Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag

Thoughtful design

The secret to the all-around protection of the Doppel Bag is in the design. The bag uses a single piece of silicone as well as a durable zipper. In the event of a spill, you can wash the entire bag thoroughly. Take it in the shower, bring it in the tub, or toss it in the sink. The Doppel Bag cleans effortlessly and easily. Simply leave it out to let it dry.

Würkin Stiffs Doppel Bag

What we ❤️️

The Doppel Bag is so versatile. We can imagine taking it on any and every trip!

Future design

Because it’s so versatile, we’d love some more sizes to integrate into our everyday lives.

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