Zoë is the easy way to clean your makeup brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes in usable condition can feel like a part-time job. Now, there’s a simple and effective solution that works in minutes.

Zoë is the easy way to clean your makeup brushes
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  • However you use your brushes, Zoë will keep them clean. This new device can cleanse 20 brushes in five minutes.

It takes time to build the perfect foundation. No, we’re not talking about the construction industry. Just as a painter must spend the time to deliver a masterpiece, you must not be rushed away from the bathroom mirror. But that doesn’t mean you want to take more time than is strictly necessary — particularly if that time includes cleaning your caked makeup brushes. If you would prefer to escape your Cinderella chores and become the belle of the ball, Zoë will be your new BFF. This helpful brush cleaner removes all the old makeup from 20 brushes at a time. It can even dry your brushes, ready for use.

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Ready in just five minutes

Squeaky clean

Normally speaking, cleaning your makeup brushes would involve slaving over a bowl of hot water. While shampoo or liquid soap can help, you will still spend minutes removing the product from each brush. Even once you’re done with the scrubbing, your brushes won’t be dry enough to use for ages.

Zoë takes this chore off your hands for good. It might look like a fondue, but it’s actually an advanced brush cleaner. You simply slot your brushes into the dedicated channels and leave the machine to work its magic.

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Around five minutes later, your brushes should be clean and dry. What’s more, Zoë can clean up to 20 at one time.

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Handsfree scrubbing

Immaculate makeup brushes

Washing your brushes with Zoë couldn’t be easier. You start by lifting the lid and pouring in some of the special Lilumia cleaning solution. With the lid replaced, you have numerous slots for your brushes. The device can take all sizes of brush, including tarte and kabuki.

Once you hit the power button, Zoë’s central column starts to rotate. This makes your brushes glide across the internal cleaning pad, gently removing the grime. It works a bit like a washing machine, with one wash cycle and three rinses.

While Zoë provides a deep clean, the device is also designed to take care of your most delicate brushes. In fact, the makers claim it does less damage than hand washing.

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One-touch operation

Once the final rinse is complete, an internal fan gently dries the brushes. As a result, they come out pretty much ready to use.

It must be said, Zoë is quite pricey if you only use three or four brushes. But for committed makeup artists, it definitely looks like a worthwhile investment.

“ZOË completes 1 wash and 3 rinse cycles in approx. 5 mins hands-free! Your brushes rotate in a sweeping motion gradually increasing the distance of rotation with each movement up to 90 degrees (45 degrees in each direction). Bacteria, old makeup, oil and dirty water are drained before each cycle begins as clean water flows up to the surface.” — Zoë Taylor on IndieGoGo

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Every. Single. Brush.

Supreme scrubbing

You won’t find a more efficient brush-cleaning solution than Zoë. The fact it takes only five minutes — and delivers dry brushes —is just an added bonus. And did we mention there’s a hologram finish available?

Future designs

Measuring 10 x 10 inches, Zoë isn’t the most portable solution. We would love to see a more compact brush cleaner at some point.


– IndieGoGo: Until April 28th

– Pledge: $74.50 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get 50% off!

– Delivery: July 2018

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