Zynect Thermote review: a Wi-Fi temperature sensor for home and business

Ready to take control of your property's temperature? Discover the Zynect Thermote Wi-Fi temperature sensor—a game-changer for homeowners and businesses!

Zynect Thermote review: a Wi-Fi temperature sensor for home and business
Zynect Thermote has Wi-Fi connectivity

Want to monitor your home’s temperature? Maybe you need to keep an eye on food inventory in a restaurant fridge. Then check out the Zynect Thermote Wi-Fi temperature sensor. It alerts you about temperature changes remotely, preventing damge.

As a homeowner and a person who has worked in the food industry, I know how important temperature can be to a home or business. If you let a home get too cold in the winter, pipes can freeze and mold can invade.

And, when food is your business, you need to keep sensitive ingredients at the proper temperature or risk losing your investment.

So buying a remote temperature sensor is a no-brainer. For minimal cost, you get a device that informs you immediately about temperature changes. And the Zynect Thermote Wi-Fi, in particular, is an excellent way to go.

The company promises Wi-Fi–connected remote temperature monitoring, temperature notifications, and sharable codes.

Let’s dive in and check it out together!

Zynect Thermote product video

Get remote temperature monitoring

As a close friend of vacation home rental owners, I’ve seen firsthand the concerns they face during the winter months. Since colder weather means fewer guests, freezing pipes are always a concern.

That’s why it makes so much sense to install a Wi-Fi temperature sensor. It lets you see your property’s temperature wherever you go.

And the Zynect Thermote has you covered there. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity in 2 variations. One connects to Wi-Fi only.

The second option can switch between Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN. The LoRaWAN gives you longer-range monitoring, up to 2 miles.

That way, you can keep an eye on your property, even when you aren’t there.

Monitor a range of temperatures, even extreme ones

The feature I find most impressive about this Wi-Fi temperature sensor is the wide range of temperatures it detects. According to the company, it reads temperatures from -77°F to 257°F (-55°C to 125°C).

That’s quite a range. And it gives you an impressive amount of potential uses. These include monitoring HVAC systems, server rooms, second homes, cold storage, fish tanks, and many other spots. Plus, the company says it learns of new uses for the product every day from its customers.

Receive temperature alerts via email or text

Another feature I appreciate is the Out-of-Bounds Temperature Alerts. They let you set temperatures to desired levels. So, if your fridge’s temperature has gone over 40°F, the device can send you an alert via text or email.

Likewise, you can set a minimum temperature. When I worked in a restaurant, a too-cold fridge could freeze salad greens, ruining an expensive ingredient. This temperature sensor can prevent that situation by letting a restaurant manager or employee know if the environment dips below a preset temperature.

Go for an easy-to-use remote thermometer

Even better, the Zynect Thermote is easy to use. As someone who’d rather spend her weekends in the great outdoors, this gadget is one I’d love.

The company says that the device sets up quickly. Plus, it connects easily to iOS or Android devices. So, in the time that it’d take you to set up a new online streaming account, you could have this Wi-Fi temperature sensor up and running.

Thankfully, this is one smart home gadget you don’t have to devote an entire weekend to installing.

Give the Share Codes to coworkers, friends, and family

Sure, there are many Wi-Fi thermometers on the market. But, in my years covering products for Gadget Flow, I’ve found that not all let you share access.

That’s a bummer because when you have an investment property, you might not always be on site. So it’s understandable that you might want to give access to someone else. And that’s where the Zynect Thermote wins!

It gives unique share codes for an unlimited number of users. They can receive message alerts and make the proper temperature adjustments, saving you time and money.

Monitor your property on the Zynect app

And if you’re always on the go, like me, you’ll be grateful for the Zynect App. As long as the Zynect Thermote is connected to Wi-Fi, you can retrieve its data on your smartphone.

The app shows you the information that the data logger collects. And, if you or the device go off the Wi-Fi, the logger automatically updates when back online. That way, you never lose your history.

Go for a waterproof, dustproof wireless temperature sensor

Leaks, dust, and debris all happen in properties. So I always advise people to buy smart home gadgets that are waterproof and dustproof. And the Zynect Thermote is!

In fact, it’s IP67 compliant, meaning it can stand up to dust and submersion in up to 1 meter of water for a short period of time without damage.

So leaks, splashes, and general wear and tear won’t harm this sensor.

Protect your property with the Zynect Thermote

The Zynect Thermote Wi-Fi temperature sensor is a game-changer for homeowners and businesses. It addresses the critical issues of frozen pipes, potential mold invasion, damaged food inventory, and much more, ensuring that your property remains damage-free.

I’m particularly impressed with the device’s wide temperature range. It gives users incredible flexibility in how they use the product.

What’s more, the sharable codes are an invaluable feature for property owners, making it easier to collaborate with coworkers and make necessary adjustments remotely.

Overall, I highly recommend the Zynect Thermote to anyone in need of reliable and efficient temperature monitoring.

Buy yours today for $134 on the official website!

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