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Beautifying office space one desk at a time, the entire Artifox range is designed with minimalism in mind and a focus on the modern digital workspace.

Products we love from Artifox

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Sep 182018

Artifox STAND Desk Organizer

Add a whole new dimension to your workspace with the Artifox STAND Desk Organizer. Complete with a sturdy base and a 10-inch long top, the STAND gives your desk an extra bit of surface so you can safely store items..

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Jul 242018

Artifox Standing Desk 01

If you’re going to take on the challenge of a standing desk, it might as well be easy on the eyes. Introducing the Artifox Standing Desk 01, the first from the brand. Available in your choice of solid walnut or..

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Apr 212018

Artifox Wood Standing Desk 02

Take your work to new heights when you have the Artifox Wood Standing Desk 02. This stunning piece of workspace furniture combines the natural with the modern. The frame comes in your choice of walnut or oak and showcases the..

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Dec 252017

Artifox Desk 02

Complete your ideal workspace with the Artifox Desk 02. Giving you the ultimate minimalist style, this desk is also outfitted with loads of conveniences to make any work day seem a lot easier. Available with your choice of a walnut..

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Nov 062017

Artifox Minimalist Desk 02 Black Edition

Introducing the Artifox Minimalist Desk 02 Black Edition. With no difference from the ones before it, this desk is celebrated for its minimalist design and high functionality. The Desk 02 is made of solid white oak and pure black ink...

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Jan 012017

Floating Shelf

Organize your space with minimalist style with the Artifox Vertical Floating SHELF. With your choice of a chalkboard black or dry-erase white coating, this shelf does more than hold your books. The Vertical Floating SHELF gives you storage and additional..