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Initially doing the rounds as the traditional corporate phone, Blackberry has always been a brand professionals wanted to have. Now with their recent upgrades in design, they are also aiming to live up to the smartphone hype as well as maintaining the original elegance of Blackberry phones at the same time.

Products we love from BlackBerry

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Aug 312018

BlackBerry KEY2 LE Physical Keyboard Smartphone

Work safely and efficiently on the go with the BlackBerry KEY2 LE Physical Keyboard Smartphone. This phone features the physical keyboard that BlackBerry is known for, along with the brand’s leading privacy and security developments. Running the Android 8.1 Oreo..

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Jun 162018

BlackBerry Key2 Intelligent Keyboard Smartphone

An iconic phone is reborn with the BlackBerry Key2 Intelligent Keyboard Smartphone. Created to help you do more while on the move, this gadget offers a light and thin yet durable design. Made of Gorilla Glass, the 4.5-inch display is..

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Oct 092017

BlackBerry Motion Keyboard-Free Smartphone

Introducing the all-new BlackBerry Motion Keyboard-Free Smartphone. Yes, you read correctly. The iconic smartphone brand has scrapped the physical keyboard. Instead, you get access to a stunning 5.5-inch 1080p display which spans the entire length and width of the device...

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Sep 172017

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Smartphone

Add a sense of fashion to your daily life with the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Smartphone. The latest device from the iconic brand, this edition comes in all black for a pop of sophistication. The BlackBerry KEYone is a total..

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Feb 282017

BlackBerry KEYone Smartphone

Reimagine the way you talk, text, and explore with the BlackBerry KEYone Smartphone. Complete with a stunning 4.5-inch touchscreen display, this device is a powerhouse to get things done. Using the latest Android software, the KEYone gives you full access..

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Jan 082017

Blackberry Mercury Smartphone

Get back the keyboard you always wanted with the BlackBerry Mercury Smartphone. Delivering a full set of QWERTY keys, you’ll be an email wizard with this device. In addition to the tactile buttons, the BlackBerry Mercury has a touchscreen for..