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Whether you're team iOS or Android, mophie has a power solution for you. Pioneering the on-the-go power industry, their products keep your devices going as long as you do.

Products we love from mophie

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Nov 172018

mophie Charge Stream Qi Wireless Vent Mount

Effortlessly charge your device on the go with the mophie Charge Stream Qi Wireless Vent Mount. Attaching directly to the vent in your vehicle, this car charger securely holds your device in place and works with a variety of lightweight..

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Jul 202018

mophie powerstation XXL Portable Battery

Use your gadgets for longer while on the go with the mophie powerstation XXL Portable Battery. This high-capacity device can add an extra 70 hours of battery life to your iPhone and 18 more hours to your iPad. The powerstation..

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Jul 182018

mophie powerstation with Apple Lightning Connector

Charging your Apple devices on the go just got easier with the mophie powerstation with Apple Lightning Connector. Designed with Apple devices in mind, this latest mophie powerstation packs a powerful 6040 mAh battery. That’s enough power to give your Apple devices the..

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May 282018

Mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini Wireless Charger

Giving your phone more life is easy with the Mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini Wireless Charger. Simply plug in the charging device with a charging cable and place your phone on the small pad. Compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones, the..

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Apr 242018

mophie Wireless Smartphone Charging Base

Effortlessly charge your new iPhone with the mophie Wireless Smartphone Charging Base. This innovative device has technology designed for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. All you need to do is drop your smartphone onto the wireless..

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Jan 052018

mophie Powerstation AC Universal Battery

Charging your mobile gadgets as well as your MacBook just got easier with the Mophie Powerstation AC Universal Battery. This jumbo battery pack charges most of your power-hungry devices, including those that come with an AC plug. In fact, you can..