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Jan 212019

OptiShokz Revvez Bone Conduction Sunglasses

It lets you enjoy music with maintaining ambient sound awareness.

Jan 142019

Rokid Glass Project Aurora AR Smart Glasses

It also features simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) as well as an RGB camera.

Dec 172018

Bose Frames Audio AR Sunglasses

Available in two classic shapes, these shades deliver rich, immersive audio.

Dec 172018

Nuke Venom Modular Rx Eyewear

Introducing the Nuke Venom Modular Rx Eyewear. Made of carbon fiber composites, this eyewear is designed to solve 99% of problems. The carbon fiber composites is impressively durable and stronger than any other eyewear plastic. Likewise, the single modular system..

Dec 152018

Barner Ultimate Computer Glasses

These stylish glasses feature enhanced blue light blocking lenses for ideal protection.

Nov 262018

Bôhten5 – Blue Light Filter Eyewear

Look stylish in your glasses while improving productivity and comfort with the Bôhten5 – Blue Light Filter Eyewear. The blue light filter lens technology is designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays emitted by our devices. Bohten5 offers..