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VR and AR Gadgets

Discover the best of VR and AR with these futuristic gadgets.

Concept Product
Google AR Glasses are a conceptual wearable that translates for you in real time
Google AR Glasses Conceptual Translating Eyewear
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Available Soon
Magic Leap 2 AR headset has a 65° field of view and feels as light as a pair of headphones
Magic Leap 2 Immersive Artificial Reality Headset
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ElecSuit e-haptic suit is designed for wear during EMS workouts and virtual reality games
ElecSuit e-Haptic Suit for EMS Workouts & VR Games
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Available Now
Exploration Playing Cards with AR have an incredible look when you flourish them
Exploration Playing Cards with Augmented Reality
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Concept Product
SenseGlove Nova VR glove features force feedback to make digital objects feel real
SenseGlove Nova VR Glove with Haptic Technologies
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Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia puzzle board game has 1,000 pieces and hundreds of characters
Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia Puzzle and Board Game
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