Titanium-Tritium Rings

$120 USD
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Unique rings made out of Titanium with three embedded Tritium vials. Tritium (symbol T or 3H, also known as hydrogen-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and one of the most valuable substances on earth, with a market price of 30.000$ per gram. The Tritium vials used are light sources of gaseous tritium isotope, hermetically sealed in glass. It glows completely on its own, in a very safe manner, without needing to be ‘charged’ with light as required by most phosphorescent glow in the dark products. The glow will be subtle and visible in low-light conditions; the darker the better. The light produced is literally ”ON” at all times, it’s intensity isn’t reduced after a few hours and will last non-stop for about 20 years. These are truly ”nuclear powered” rings that will make great conversation starters; guaranteed to make an impression!

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