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Jun 012017

iPhone 7 Memory Expansion Battery Case

Say yes to more power and more storage with the Kuner KUKE iPhone 7 Memory Expansion Battery Case. With a powerful 2400 mAh battery built in, you can recharge your device in a flash. On the back are indication lights... Continue Reading

Sep 022017

1More Triple Driver Lightning In-Ear Headphones

Give your audio the medium it deserves with the 1More Triple Driver Lightning In-Ear Headphones. The triple driver design has two balanced armatures as well as one titanium dynamic driver. Working together, these features pair with a high definition DAC... Continue Reading

May 062013

Keyprop – Simple Phone Stand and Tripod

Keyprop is a tripod + stand that’s always on you. As simple as a key on your keychain. It leverages what every smartphone has, a headphone jack, and uses it to prop up the phone. Fits all smartphones and most... Continue Reading

Aug 032018

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Recording Headphones

Produce all of the footage you need with the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Recording Headphones. The in-ear canal headphones sit comfortably inside your ears so you can hear the nuances of a variety of sources. In addition, there are two built-in... Continue Reading

Feb 182017

Pioneer Rayz Plus Lightning Earbuds

Elevate your audio experience with the Pioneer Rayz Plus Lightning Earbuds. Featuring a Lightning connector at the end, these earbuds work perfectly with your brand new iPhone 7. In addition to your tunes, the Rayz Plus offering smart noise cancellation... Continue Reading

Oct 112016

Earphones With the iPhone 7 Lightning Jack

Live up to your music listening hours in style with these Earphones With the iPhone 7 Lightning Jack. It comes with a seamless connection for the Lightning interface and is compatible with the new iPhone 7 as well as the... Continue Reading

Oct 042016

Linner – Your First ANC Headphones – Now And For All Time!

Linner is one of the lightest active-noise-cancelling (ANC) earbud unit that you can take anywhere to achieve a quieter, more focused sound experience. Its revolutionary earbuds are designed to provide you with a secure, comfortable fit, exceptional portability, and high-performance... Continue Reading

Aug 242016

CONE Lightning Dock, Speaker, and Lamp

Simplify your desk space with the CONE Lightning Dock, Speaker, and Lamp by NuAns. A winner of the Good Design Award 2015 and Best of CES 2015, this all-in-one system has a beautiful conical shape at the top to evenly... Continue Reading

May 202015

Official iPhone Lightning Dock

Charge and sync any iPhone that features the Lightning connector with the iPhone Lightning Dock. Your iPhone sits upright in the dock as it syncs or charges, so it’s perfect for a desk or countertop. Even when your iPhone is... Continue Reading

Sep 282018

Soundmaster E1 Charge-Free ANC Earbuds

Enjoy music from your iPhone without worry with the Soundmaster E1 Charge-Free ANC Earbuds. Offering the ideal sound experience, these in-ear headphones have no battery. Likewise, the Soundmaster E1 earbuds don’t require any charging. Utilizing Apple’s lightning port, the earbuds... Continue Reading

Jul 292018

Symphonica Smartphone Acoustic Horn Speaker

Improve the sound quality of your smartphone with the Symphonica Smartphone Acoustic Horn Speaker. Made from sustainable rubberwood, this speaker doesn’t require any electricity or batteries. Thanks to its clever design, the Acoustic Horn Speaker enhances the sound from your... Continue Reading

Jun 252018

Pioneer “Rayz” Smart Earphones

Pioneer has developed a line of smart audio products, called Rayz, that have been designed to perfectly integrate with the Apple ecosystem. With both Lightning-powered and USB-c capabilities, the product is the world’s first smart headset designed for both iPhone... Continue Reading