10 tech TV shows for your geeky side

Watching TV is the ultimate way to maximize your relaxation. By consuming your mind with another reality, you can truly forget about your day. Not sure where to start? Here are our favorite tech TV shows.

10 tech TV shows for your geeky side
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It’s no secret that the Gadget Flow team is full of nerds and geeks. Heck, we make a living out of exploring the latest and greatest gadgets. Suffice to say, even when it’s time to relax, we tend to go for entertainment that taps into our geeky side. For that reason, here’s our roundup of the best tech TV shows, all of which you can binge-watch without judgment (at least from us).

Silicon Valley — 2014 – Present

  1. How to Watch: HBO
  2. Number of Seasons: 5
  3. Why It’s Good: It’s fast-paced and gives us an inside look into the high-tech gold rush in Silicon Valley. Plus, it’s full of satire, nerdy quips, and a healthy dose of pop culture references.
  4. Notable Character: Erlich Bachman

Black Mirror — 2017 – Present

  1. How to Watch: Netflix
  2. Number of Seasons: 4
  3. Why It’s Good: This sci-fi anthology takes your high-tech dreams and turns them into nightmares. By implementing far-fetched futuristic ideas, each episode focuses on the dark side of innovation.
  4. Notable Episode: Nosedive; Season 3, Episode 1

Big Bang Theory — 2007 – Present

  1. How to Watch: CBS.com
  2. Number of Seasons: 11
  3. Why It’s Good: As one of the original TV shows for nerds, BBT is chock-full of mind-pleasing factoids. Each of the main cast is an expert in their field and more than generous with facts and information. Even Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, has a PhD in neuroscience IRL.
  4. Notable Character: Sheldon Cooper

Bull — 2016 – Present

  1. How to Watch: CBS.com
  2. Number of Seasons: 2
  3. Why It’s Good: For those who love crime TV, Bull is the charming founder of a firm to help clients win their court cases. Using state-of-the-art neurolinguistic, detective, and hacker strategies, Bull and his team are top thinkers. The result? They can understand witnesses, defendants, and even the jurors and lawyers. And, the show brings the viewer knee-deep in on the action.
  4. Notable Moment: In-depth discussion of theories and concepts

Wisdom of the Crowd — 2017 – 2018

  1. How to Watch: CBS.com
  2. Number of Seasons: 1
  3. Why It’s Good: Jeremy Piven rocks the screen with his crowdsourcing app, Sophe, where the public can evaluate evidence for crimes. Assembling a team and a company, he sets out to figure out who murdered his daughter. Get ready for a delightful mix of Silicon Valley settings and crime fighting.
  4. Notable Point: The show is currently on hold and possibly canceled

Humans — 2015 – Present

  1. How to Watch: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox
  2. Number of Seasons: 2
  3. Why It’s Good: What would our world be like with humanlike robots to assist us every day? While you may think it’s ideal, Humans goes a step further to show that artificial intelligence may not be so artificial after all. The Synths, as they’re called, are starting to come to life.
  4. Notable Moment: Incredible acting as humanlike robots

Mr. Robot — 2015 – Present

  1. How to Watch: USAnetwork.com
  2. Number of Seasons: 4
  3. Why It’s Good: Like every geek’s dream, Remi Malek portrays a good cybersecurity engineer gone rogue. By night, he’s a vigilante hacker trying to make right in the world. But, the tasks aren’t simple nor are they boring. He is actually tasked with taking down the very company he works for.
  4. Notable Episode: Season 3, Episode 6

Westworld — 2016 – Present

  1. How to Watch: HBO
  2. Number of Seasons: 2
  3. Why It’s Good: Based on the film with the same name, Westworld creates a reality where there’s always more than meets the eye. Employing artificial consciousness, visitors to Westworld can act out their wildest dreams. But, not everything is what it seems.
  4. Notable Moment: Big twist in Season 1, Episode 7

Travelers — 2017 – Present

  1. How to Watch: Netflix
  2. Number of Seasons: 2
  3. Why It’s Good: Based in the very far future, the last remaining humans learn how to send consciousness to humans of the 21st century. With a full knowledge of the history of their existence, the travelers set out to save humanity from certain doom.
  4. Notable Concept: The portrayal of the very far future

American Crime Story — 2016 – Present

  1. How to Watch: Netflix
  2. Number of Seasons: 2
  3. Why It’s Good: Based on real events, the first seasons explores The People v. O.J. Simpson. It finally sets the record straight on decades-old gossip for one of the most infamous cases in American history. The second dives deep into the assisnation of Gianni Versace.
  4. Notable Point: Seeing the unseen

How’d we do? Have you seen all the shows on this list or will you be adding them to your queue?

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