17 Mother’s Day gifts she’s actually going to love

Whether you have a mom, are a mom, or simply know a mom, there are plenty of ways to show mom just how special she is. Here are some Mother’s Day gifts that she’s actually going to love and want to use (and they’re all under $50!).

17 Mother’s Day gifts she’s actually going to love
  • When did Mother’s Day start? The first time mothers were celebrated with their own day was 1908 and it’s observed by more than 40 countires.
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Moms are the best. So are stepmoms, mothers-in-law, your aunt who’s more like a mom, and every other type of mom (look at you, dog moms!). To show your love and appreciation, you could go for the standard bouquet of flowers. Perhaps you can even jazz it up with a heartfelt card.

Or, you could really knock it out of the park and get her something she can use every day. And, don’t worry. While your love may not have a budget, we know your wallet certainly does. Here are the best Mother’s Day gifts all under $50.

Modern To-Do List Sticky Note Pad

Being a mom is no small task and keeping organized can make or break the day. With this to-do list, your mom can keep track of everything (and everyone) with ease. With the sticky backing and variety of paper designs, she’ll have total peace of mind that every box gets ticked.
Price: $10

Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker

With all that focus on being a kick-butt mom, it can take a little reminding for her to care about herself. The Spire Health Tags attach directly to clothing for all-over metrics, including her activity, sleep, and even mental health. They’re even washing machine and dryer-safe.

Price: $49

Just Mobile UpStand iPad Desktop Stand

Juggling a house of kids usually leaves mom without a free hand. Help her out by propping up her iPad right where she needs it. The UpStand offers the perfect angle along with a rubber base whether she uses it for work or following recipes in the kitchen.
Price: $49.95

HYPHEN Premium Wireless Earbuds

Moms deserve great music, too! With a truly wireless design, the HYPHEN Earbuds are complete with built-in controls so your mom never has to fiddle with her smartphone. A double tap on the right earbud changes tracks and a single tap answers and ends calls.
Price: $69

nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

C’mon – get her something she really truly could use (and will love): some shuteye. The nodpod has a weighted design, providing the perfect amount of relaxing pressure. In addition, it also eliminates all the light so your mom can rest even with the craziness of your household.
Price: $29.99

Cannae Pro Gear Celeritas Roll Top Pack

Have an adventurous mom? Help her conquer all her adventures with the Celeritas Pack. There’s plenty of space inside yet it remains impressively thin, meaning your mom won’t be weighed down on her journeys.
Price: $39.99

Enso Ultralite Silicone Wedding Ring

If your mom lifts weights, works with her hands, or just wants to keep her wedding band safe and sound, the Enso Ultralite is for her. It’s a silicone ring that won’t hurt her hand no matter what she gets up to.
Price: $19.99

RAVPower 5000 Portable Power Bank

Plenty of power doesn’t have to take up your mom’s entire bag – the RAVPower 5000 conceals a 5000mAh in a stylish exterior that’s compact enough for any space. She’ll never have to deal with a dead battery or a bulky battery again.
Price: $13.99

Syncwire Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug

For Mother’s Day, why not make your mom’s life easier? The Syncwire Mini integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT so she can turn any device or appliance into a smart one. Thanks to its slim design, it also doesn’t block the other outlet.
Price: $40.99

Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Car Device

Just shy of getting your mom a personal assistant, you can gift her with the power of Google Assistant. Plugging right into her car, the Roav Bolt offers directions, streams music, and makes calls all hands-free. But it also connects with smart home devices for incredible automation.
Price: $49.99

AUKEY Touch-Sensitive Table Lamp

Relaxing and easy to use, this lamp from AUKEY turns on and off with just a touch. Your mom will love the adjustable brightness along with relaxing oblong shape. It’s modern yet sophisticated, looking great in any room.
Price: $34.99

Sidesip Safe Travel Drink Container

Let’s face it – mom is always on the go which means she’s in the car a lot. The Sidesip is a unique drink container with a spout on the side. With it, your mom can sip her coffee to her heart’s content (and energy’s needs) all without taking her eyes off the road.
Price: $29.99

Apple Spring Color iPhone Cases

Help your mom showcase her style with the Spring Color iPhone Cases from Apple. The colors are bold and bright and include spearmint, papaya, lilac, and more. Coming from Apple, they’ll fit her smartphone like a glove with all-over protection.
Price: $39

Hexwares Magnetic Utensil Set

She might think she’s organized in the kitchen but the Hexwares Magnetic Utensil Set will take it to all new levels. The utensils magnetically stick to the bar, keeping them off the counter and away from clutter.
Price: $39.99

Large Zipper Stationery Case

Big enough to fit her iPad Mini, the Large Zipper Stationery Case is the perfect pouch for the purse. Inside are slots and organizing elastic and the three-sided zip lets it open so she can fully view the contents inside.
Price: $39

Satechi Wireless Multimedia Remote

If you get your mom the Wireless Multimedia Remote, you can expect a lot fewer questions on how to set up her entertainment system. It gives her full access to everything, including her MacBook, PC, and every other Bluetooth device she owns.
Price: $39.99

NimbleGrip Ergonomic Apple Pencil Grip

Does your mom love to use her iPad? Keep her hand comfortable with the NimbleGrip. It’s exceptionally ergonomic and comfortable and comes in plenty of fun colors she’s sure to love.
Price: $9.98

See anything your mom would love? Let us know in the comments!

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