3 Beautiful air purifiers your home needs now

Your home is your safe place. But did you know that the air indoors might be impacting your health? Make your home even safer by eradicating bacteria, pollutants, and odors from the air indoors. Fortunately, air purifiers make this possible and easy to improve your health at the touch of a button.

3 Beautiful air purifiers your home needs now
Coway Icon air purifier design

Suffer from allergies? Got itchy and red eyes? Or struggling to sleep? These are just three common signs that the air inside your home might be overloaded with pollutants, viruses, dust, and more. But don’t panic. Air purifiers can improve the air quality in your home to give your health a boost. In this article, we’re sharing the top three units worth investing in based on quality, design, and smart features.

The benefits of an air purifier in your home outlined in a video

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG—Best for display versatility

Top features:

  • Cleans air in a space up to 10 square meters
  • Can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor
  • Includes three fan speeds based on air quality

Place the IKEA FÖRNUFTIG on the wall or on the floor. This versatility lets you adapt this beautiful air purify based on the amount of free space you have in your home. Once installed, it cleans the air in a space up to 8–10 square meters, based on the fan setting you choose.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a gas filter that purifies the air in your home from numerous gaseous pollutants, such as formaldehyde—a chemical compound that can cause burning sensations in the nose, eyes, and throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea; and wheezing. And this gas filter reduces odors caused by smoke, cooking, and other factors so your home is more inviting.

Respira—Best for bringing nature into your home

Top features:

  • Patented biofiltration process improves air quality
  • Includes 5″ LCD screen to manage settings
  • Ultra White or Matte Black color options

If you want to bring the indoors inside, you can with the Respira. It’s much more than your traditional air purifier, because it allows you to bring plants inside your home without the risk of killing them. In fact, Respira will guide you with how much water, light, and nutrients your indoor plants need.

Most importantly, Respira purifiers the air in your home using a process called biofiltration. With cleaner, fresher air inside, you’ll feel happier and healthier. And this unique air purifier features eight sensors to measure air, water, and plant quality, so there’s no guesswork when it comes to plant maintenance.

Coway Icon—Best for a discrete design

Top features:

  • Captures 99.9% of ultrafine dust and odors
  • Embodies a slim profile that sits against the wall
  • Monitors outdoor air quality as well as within your home

The Coway Icon captures 99.9% of ultrafine dust and odors. This action helps to keep your home clean, reducing the number of times you spend cleaning in one week. And this smart air purifier shows you its status in an easily digestible format. You can also set the desired mode, air volume, and lighting from the top buttons that light up upon touch.

It discreetly sits against a wall to harmonize with your home’s layout, rather than boasting a bulky design. In fact, at a first glance, it resembles a side table, thanks to its slim profile. Best of all, the included app provides a report on the current air quality, filter state, and outside air quality based on your location.

Which of these three beautiful air purifiers stood out to you? Share your favorites, along with any additional recommendations, in the comments.

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