Create amazing 3D models with the new Wunder360 camera

Imagine you could go around creating perfect 3D models of every place you ever visit. That’s the new reality with this amazing 360-degree camera.

Create amazing 3D models with the new Wunder360 camera
  • What is a 360-degree camera? It’s a video camera that can capture the view in all directions at the same time.
  • Why do I need VR video? Being able to look around is way more immersive than staring at a TV screen.
  • Is it possible to create a digital record of my travels? Yes, with the new Wunder360 S1. This remarkable camera lets you create 3D models while you walk around.

When you’re exploring somewhere new, it’s easy to miss the intimate details of your environment. Our eyes are naturally drawn to epic scenery and famous landmarks rather than market stalls and stray dogs. While the latter pairing may be less exciting, they are far better indicators of the culture you are visiting.

The arrival of 360-degree video has been a great step forward for travelers. Such immersive footage allows you to relive your adventures in high definition. But what if you could go one step further and explore once more?

The new Wunder360 S1 camera lets you do just that. This remarkable device lets you create perfect 3D models of any environment, alongside regular VR video.

How to create 3D models

Most of us are familiar with motion capture technology. It’s used extensively in the making of games and movies. An actor stands inside a ring of cameras, which capture his or her every movement from every angle. The footage can then be used to produce a perfect 3D reconstruction.

Wunder360 S1 does something similar, except inside out. The camera has two wide-angle lenses that work in tandem to capture 360-degree footage. At the same time, they create a depth map of your surroundings.

[tweet_box]Imagine you could go around creating perfect 3D models of every place you ever visit. That’s the new reality with this amazing 360-degree camera.[/tweet_box]

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Instant memories

Powerful cloud software can then combine the two parts, forming a perfect 3D model of your environment.

What can you do with 3D models?

The possibilities are endless. The Wunder360 online video player lets you view your footage from any perspective, meaning you can explore the same spot again and again.

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Watch online

You can also import your models into MineCraft, and share your content with friends and family.

Instant VR video

Quite apart from the fancy 3D stuff, the S1 is a great 360 camera.

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Mount it anywhere

The device is small enough to mount on your body, and the supplied case provides waterproof protection. Built-in stabilization keeps your footage looking silky smooth, and the camera can stitch a perfect video panorama in real-time.

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Versatile camera

It’s even possible to use the S1 as a smart security camera. Simply mount the device somewhere in your home, and you can watch a livestream on your phone.

“Introducing the Wunder360 S1, a compact camera that captures everything. Just go back in time and change your point of view to see that treasure for yourself.” — Wunder360 on IndieGoGo

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VR video

The best bits

There is surely no better way to relive once-in-a-lifetime vacations than with a virtual tour. This camera will allow you to enjoy the view for years to come.

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Waterproof case

Future designs

The S1 camera is a little bulkier than a regular action cam. A slimmer version for extreme sports enthusiasts would be very welcome.


– IndieGoGo: Until September 2018

– Pledge: $129 USD

– Delivery: November 2018

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