6 Futuristic car gadgets to help you drive like a pro

Still using the same old accessories in your car? It's time to gear up for a tech-makeover with these futuristic car gadgets. From Alexa-powered dash cams to smart car security, this list has it all.

6 Futuristic car gadgets to help you drive like a pro
  • What is the future of smart cars? It’s green and rich in innovation. It’s just a matter of how long we’ll have to wait for a truly affordable smart car.
  • Are we ready for a brain-controlled smart car? With NVIDIA putting their self-driving tech on hold, it seems to be the right time to focus on brain-sensing headsets for smarter driving.
  • What’s the future of self-driving cars? The technology is magnificent but it has a lot of catching up (and testing) to do. Whether or not we’re ready for cars to think by themselves is still debatable.

We are living in an age where everything around us is getting smarter by the week. From your coffee maker to your air conditioner, we’re seeing automation everywhere. In the automotive world, some incredible minds are bringing this smart technology to your car. While there’s plenty of debate over smart cars, these gadgets can take your vehicle from yesteryear into the 21st century (and beyond). Here’s our list of futuristic car gadgets to make every journey better.

Kiwi 4 Smart Wireless OBD Device

Plugging into your car, this intelligent devices gives you valuable insights into the health of your vehicle. The Kiwi 4 can easily check engine diagnostics as well as your gauges. In addition, it tracks your fuel efficiency and even your driving behavior.

Smart Wireless OBD Device

Smart Wireless OBD Device

Why we love it: Cars can be complicated. Instead of going through multiple devices or even a mechanic, this OBD device gives all of the information you need in a succinct app.

Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera

It offers turn-by-turn directions to get you from A to B with ease. But, beyond GPS, the Speak Plus also connects wirelessly to your device to access Amazon Alexa. Using your voice, you can play your music, control smart devices at home, and so much more.

Why we love it: Alexa is so prominent in our lives at home and the office – it’s about time we took her in the car. Having a digital assistant keeps you totally hands-free yet connected.

Owl Cam In-Car Security Camera

Featuring a forward-facing and an inside-facing camera, Owl gives you all-over car coverage. Additionally, the cameras stay on to send videos to cloud storage 24/7. With fast and reliable 4G internet connection, you can review the content whenever you need.

Why we love it: It’s like a smart security system for your car. With the app, you can keep an eye on your vehicle at all times.

Tesla Wireless Charging Pad

Designed to work in your Tesla, the charging pad can wirelessly charge up to two phones at a time. The charging pad comes with a TPU coating and positioning rails to safely keep your phone in place while you drive so you can arrive to your destination charged and ready.

Tesla Wireless Charging Pad

Tesla Wireless Charging Pad

Why we love it: If you have a Tesla, this charging pad is the best way to power up your devices on the go. It’s sleek and minimal that blends beautifully with your car decor. Although only for Tesla drivers, we’re hoping to see this technology in more vehicles.

Anker Roav Viva Alexa Car Button

The Roav Viva picks up on your voice commands just like your Echo or other Amazon Alexa device. Simply say the assistant’s name and your command. The device can help pre-order pizza, guide you to your destination, or even find your favorite playlist.

Alexa Car Button

Alexa Car Button

Why we love it: Getting information is now as easy as pressing a button.

Hudly Wireless Portable Head-Up Display

With Hudly Wireless, you can conveniently get directions without taking your eyes off the road, along with calls and texts. Working in virtually any car, it displays all the information right in front of your windshield.

Why we love it: Keeping your eyes on the road is imperative for safety. This device puts all your info right where you need it while you maintain 10 and 2.

Are there are more smart car gadgets that can be a part of this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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