Love plants? Urbie Air is the air purifier for you

Air pollution is a serious problem in most cities around the world. If you would like to breathe cleaner air in your home, try Urbie Air. This smart air purifier uses the power of nature to filter out harmful particles.

Love plants? Urbie Air is the air purifier for you
Urbie Air helps fight pollution
  • How much air pollution is there indoors? Quite a lot. Harmful particles come in whenever you open doors and windows, and they stay trapped.
  • Do air purifiers really work? Yes, they can be very effective. A good model can capture the majority of allergens and pollutants in any indoor space.
  • Can you use houseplants as air filters? Yes — they filter polluting gases naturally. Urbie Air goes one step further, adding a smart air filter to a planter.

As we continue to burn fossil fuels at an alarming rate, air pollution just keeps on gettting worse. In many cities around the world, the air is actually dangerous to inhale. You might think that your home would provide some protection from this scourge, but sadly not. In fact, indoor spaces often act like giant nets, scooping up harmful particles. If you want to breathe better, try Urbie Air. This smart air filter utilizes the natural filtering abilities of plants to keep your home clean and green.

How does a natural air filter work?

Most air purifiers use activated carbon filters to attract harmful gases. They may also use a HEPA filter to trap airborne allergens. In contrast, a natural filter uses biofiltration to clean the air.

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Urbie Air uses nature to filter the air

With Urbie Air, this means pushing air towards the roots of a houseplant. Micro-organisms living in the soil then suck up any noxious gases and deliver cleansed air. In addition, this device has eco-friendly activated carbon filters to mop up any remaining pollutants (incl. VOCs).

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Smart air filter

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Urbie Air looks great in any room

At a glance, Urbie Air looks like an oversized planter. It’s smooth and curvy, with a small aperture at the top for your houseplant.

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Air comes in through the soil

Inside, three discreet fans pull air into the device through the topsoil. The air then passes through a carbon filter before exiting through a vent. Aside from filtering out harmful pollutants, Urbie Air also captures water vapor. This ensures that your home stays at a comfortable humidity level.

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Urbie Air controls the humidity in your home

The coolest part? You don’t even need to look after your plant. Urbie Air handles watering automatically, using sensors to measure the water content in the soil.

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Put plant care on autopilot with Urbie Air

Furthermore, Urbie Air provides useful information about indoor air quality. You can see this data via the Urbie app, which also provides an array of controls. In fact, you can optimize the device for your daily schedule in order to save energy. It even works with Alexa and Google.

“Urbie Air cleans the air of impurities and VOCs through an ecofriendly biofiltration process. As an added bonus, it also recycles the water from humidity to accurately auto self-water your plant when it’s thirsty, thus keeping your plant healthy for maximum oxygen production.” — Urbie on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

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This is one smart air purifier

Undoubtedly, Urbie Air is one of the most stylish air purifiers on the market. It’s also one of the most effective and eco-friendly. What’s more, Urbie will plant five trees for every Air sold.

Good to know

Although it’s technically possible to put any plant in Urbie Air, certain varieties are much more effective at filtering than others. You can purchase one of these with your purifying planter.


– Kickstarter: Until September 14th

– Pledge: $144.63 USD

– Delivery: May 2020

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