AprendeApps Drag n’ Drop Mobile App Creator Makes App Development a Breeze

AprendeApps Drag n’ Drop Mobile App Creator Makes App Development a Breeze

App development is all the rage. It seems like everybody and their brother has made an app and made it big. However, the common feature these people share is time. If you’re running a business, hiring an app developer is time-consuming and expensive. It can be frustrating if you are unable to find a suitable developer or if there are project delays and limitations. Hiring a remote developer can also be problematic as well because they might just stop responding one day and you have no recourse. Learning to code yourself is difficult if you have other things taking priority.

AprendeApps is a mobile app creator that aims to solve this conundrum by introducing a platform of Drag n’ Drop Builders to let anyone make their own app to their satisfaction. This software offers:

– easy to use templates

– extensive customization

– reasonable pricing

App Builder for Everyone

AprendeApps is built on a mission to help companies and individuals create professional iPhone, Android, and Amazon applications easily using a drag and drop system. By using a Mobiblocks backend and adding templates and features, the need for advanced education with app programming is erased and replaced by simple actions.

There’s absolutely no code involved and the interface looks more like Photoshop than a jumbled mess of indecipherable (for some of us) text. Additionally, the app builder has a built-in device previewer for Android, iOS, and Amazon. This means you can build an app for any of these operating systems without owning an actual device. For example, if I only own an Android phone, I could still build an app for iOS and have it published without ever touching an Apple device. Very neat!

Website Builder for Everyone

Not only does AprendeApps have an app builder, they have a website builder, too. Called Drag n’ Drop Website Builder, it’s powered by IMCreator and built on the same idea of the app builder. With this, it delivers templates, features, and customization so you can focus on the looks instead of worrying about communicating your standards to a potentially risky and costly web developer. There’s even an option for people who know some HTML and CSS to customize the templates even further if the plethora of options aren’t enough.

AprendeApps Drag n Drop Mobile App Creator

App Builder on Your Phone?

That’s right, there’s one more building feature of AprendeApps called the 2.0 Drag n’ Drop App Builder and it lets you build apps from your smartphone or tablet. To be able to make an app from my smartphone without needing a laptop or computer is incredible. I could have really used this on a few very long car trips in the past couple of years to pass the time.

The 2.0 App Builder is built on SiberianCMS and let me explain why I’ve been mentioning the backend builders: stability. The AprendeApp team is using reliable, proven back-end solutions so they can focus on improving the front-end user experience with more templates and features. That way, you, the user, don’t have to worry about a messy backend solution written by an unproven company. Just make your apps and rest easy.

What We ❤️

The simplicity and accessibility of AprendeApps should make it so even my mother (I love you!) could make an app.

Future Designs

An offline mode would be amazing for working on templates once they’re downloaded if it’s not already included.


– Kickstarter: Until January 5th

– Pledge: $1-$250 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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