11 Best travel accessories for those who crave organization

Traveling brings out the best in us when things go well and the worst when things go wrong. Rather than succumb to the trials and tribulations of a forgetful traveler, stay tidy and organized to ensure you have the best trip ever.

11 Best travel accessories for those who crave organization
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Are you more type A when you travel, or type B? Be honest: have you ever lost your passport, a ticket, or any other important travel document?

Even the most carefree of travelers need to have some sort of organization, at least with packing. Even if you book a one-way flight and have no plans for when you get there, staying organized while traveling will all but guarantee a great trip.

Whether you love being organized or could use a bit of a tidy up, these are the best travel accessories to help you get to your destination seamlessly. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage.

Tortuga Setout Packing Cubes: Max-Sized Backpack Organizers

First things first for staying organized: make sure you pack your bag like a pro. Easier said than done for most, the Setout Packing Cubes make it easy. Made for a backpack, these cubes come in various sizes to suit all you need. Load up with your socks and underwear, and another with your bulky jeans and shirts. No matter how you decide to organize, it’s a breeze to access all your stuff once you get to your destination.

Wacù Space-Saving Portable Vacuum Device

If you need something a little more heavy-duty than packing cubes, check out the Wacù Portable Vacuum Device. This nifty gadget has one job and that’s to maximize space in your bag. Once you pack your stuff into suitable plastic bags, you can use Wacù to vacuum out all the excess air. You’ll be amazed at just how much more you can fit inside your bag once the air is out. This is especially great for those who can manage to pack light on the way out yet seem to collect souvenirs.

Bellroy Travel Folio Leather Passport Holder

No matter how nice your current wallet may be, it’s unlikely it’s made for a passport. In fact, your passport probably can’t even fit inside. The Bellroy Travel Folio is the only wallet you’ll need to carry while traveling. Inside is ample space for two passports as well as all the cards you need. There’s even room for cash and your travel tickets and itinerary. But that’s not all, there’s also a concealed spot for a spare SIM and removal tool, making it easy to get connected as soon as you land after an international flight.

Oregami FIT Luggage Organization System

The Oregami FIT is an incredible organization system that comes in the form of a suitcase. While making packing a breeze, this suitcase opens fully with a three-panel packing system. Each spot is compartmentalized so you can keep organized. Keep outfits separated, your socks from your underwear, or any other organization you need. And thanks to the three-sided zipper, this bag opens fully so you can see everything inside.

Tic V2.0 Innovative Travel Bottles

Using expensive products can be a luxurious experience, but they don’t typically come in travel-sized containers. That’s where Tic V2.0 comes in. Rather than travel with bulky products; or worse, travel with fragile travel-sized bottles, Tic V2.0 lets you take everything. These travel bottles have a modular design for impressive accessibility. Add just what you need and nothing more so you can travel light. Plus, unlike your current travel kit, Tic V2.0 has a sleek and modern exterior with an anti-leak design to keep everything looking its best.

Fuse Reel The Side Kick Collapsible Laptop Charger Winder

MacBook owners can relate: the white charging cable is such a nuisance to travel with. It seems to tangle no matter what and the once beautiful classic Apple white is soon a dirty brown as soon as you succumb to just tossing it in your bag. The Side Kick attaches to the side of your adapter and provides ample space for cord wrapping. And best of all, when it’s not in use, the entire thing collapses down so it won’t clutter your workspace. Trust us, your bag will thank you as it will be relieved from the tangled mess.

Dango Products Tethered Coin Capsule Divided Change Carrier

The sound of coins jingling in your pocket is never a good look. The Tethered Coin Capsule is a solution for loose change. It has a spot for a variety of coin sizes, meaning there’s a spot for nickels, a spot for dimes, quarters, and pennies. Incredibly, it can stash more than $5.00 in change, though no one would know it. Because the coins are exactly where you’d expect them to be, you’ll spend less time fiddling and counting and more time enjoying your travels.

TUPLUS S2 Aluminum Compact Carry-On

There’s one thing that makes traveling easier: having things in arm’s reach. Unfortunately, TSA makes it tricky to have what you need where you need it. But the TUPLUS S2 is heaven-sent. This compact carry-on has a front pocket made for your laptop. The protective aluminum exterior safeguards your laptop from bumps and dings. But the panel pocket opens with ease so you can slide your hand in and pull out your laptop without having to flip the bag on its side.

GORUCK GR1 Padded Field Pocket Protective Gear Organizer

Are you one to travel with all your tech items? Of course, you are. But between charging cables and laptop cords and adapters and syncing cables, your bag can become a tangled mess. The GR1 Field Pocket Organizer is a safe haven for all your smaller tech accessories. It surrounds them in padding and offers two accessible mesh pockets for easy grabbing when you need your gear. It’s perfect for external hard drives and SSDs, power banks, your MacBook adapter, and everything in between.

HODINKEE Molded Leather Watch Travel Case

If you’re a lover of watches, then you probably travel with more than one. And if that’s the case, it’s foolish to travel without the Molded Watch Travel Case. It’s available in multiple sizes for two, three, or four watches. This means you can travel with up to five, including the one on your wrist, of course. And with your watches in a secure spot, you’ll have total peace of mind as you rush through to your gate at the airport.

TheLeatherExpert Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

What does your current toiletry bag look like? It’s probably in a sad state. The Leather Toiletry Bag is the total opposite, providing you with a spot for just about everything. Featuring a three-sided zipper, the top layer total folds back to reveal everything inside. And, the interior is complete with small pockets finished with elastic to keep your toiletries accessible. Did we mention the luxurious leather exterior? Available in three colors, it’s sure to elevate your entire travel look.

Have we inspired you to tidy up your gear for your next adventure? Or do you have even more to add to the list of best travel accessories? Everyone travels a little bit differently, and we love seeing what works for everyone else. Let us know in the comments!

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