The beautiful Button Loop lampshade can change shape in a minute

When it comes to interior design, it’s sometimes difficult to choose between different looks. The Button Loop lampshade kits solve this problem by being totally customizable.

The beautiful Button Loop lampshade can change shape in a minute
  • With space at a premium, many people are looking for new ways to add character to their homes. “Statement ceilings” are the latest big trend.
  • Some homeowners are also opting for colorful accessories and interesting lights to add some style.
  • The new Button Loop lampshade kits match these trends perfectly, with a bold style that can be customized in seconds.

As with most artistic endeavors, interior design never stays still. New trends arrive every year. Even personal tastes can change over time. This normally means yet another round of “out with the old and in with the new.” The Button Loop lampshade kits diverge from this wasteful cycle, thanks to an ingenious design. When you become fed up with one style, the lampshade can simply change shape. As a result, you should never get bored.

Bold Design

Decorative light fittings aren’t new. The first chandeliers wowed guests in the 18th century, and colored glass shades arrived in the Art Nouveau period.

change shape 04

Extra loops

Our tastes have changed and the average new home has shrunk — but we still love to decorate our lights. While some people are drawn to grand gestures, the Button Loop lampshade kits offer something far more impressive.

[tweet_box]Thanks to a modular design, these stunning lampshades can be customized to suit your style[/tweet_box]

These stunning shades can be customized to suit your exact style, thanks to a modular design. This also means they can change shape, and you can blend together your favorite colors. Should you wish, you can even expand your Button Loop with extra flourishes.

change shape 02

Intricate patterns

Custom Style

From the photos, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Button Loop is an elaborate piece of origami. The shade surrounds the naked bulb with numerous petals, much like a closed flower bud.

change shape 07

Floral decoration

In principle, the origami comparison is quite accurate. The shade arrives as a single sheet of thermoplastic polymer. This material is very flexible and durable. In addition, it can be recycled after use. It’s just a shame that biodegradable materials have not been used.

change shape 05

Thermoplastic polymer

To create your Button Loop, you simply start attaching the petals to one another. This process only takes a few minutes. Once complete, the lampshade can be slotted over any free-hanging light fitting. There are two sizes available, with the smaller being more suitable for low ceilings.

Let’s Change Shape

While the flower bud shape is very elegant, you may want something more like a full bloom. The Button Loop’s modular design allows you to create new looks with ease.

change shape 08

Beautiful color

To make a change, you simply need to alter how the plastic petals are attached. The flexible “button” fasteners work at all angles, so you can get truly creative. Folks with fumbly fingers may struggle, but keen crafters will be able to get the job done swiftly.

change shape 03

Amazing shapes

Furthermore, you can adjust the hue of your shade. Designhoming, the makers of the Button Loop, offer extra parts in a variety of colors. Consequently, you can interweave your favorite colors or completely change the look of your shade.

“Change up your lighting to suit your style with the Button Loop Lamp. With an innovative structure, this lamp can be designed and redesigned as often as you want. The Button Loop Lamp uses modular recyclable elements. There are hundreds of design configurations and you can easily transform the lamp as often as you like. Fun to change and adjust, the lamp allows you to cater the light to any mood you desire.” — Designhoming on Kickstarter

change shape 06

Stunning display

What We ❤️

We love the unique, modular design that adapts to your style. There are over 100 looks to choose from, in fact.

Future Designs

We’d love to see more colors and styles in due course. A shade made from truly eco-friendly materials would be welcome, as well.


– Kickstarter: Until February 19th

– Pledge: $28.89 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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