Capsule Is the Easy Way to Backup Your Photos

Capsule Is the Easy Way to Backup Your Photos

To photos and videos, we entrust the memories of a lifetime. You could say that these digital files are some of our most treasured possessions. Yet we often fail to take care of these visual artefacts. All too often, we assume that phones won’t break and cloud storage will provide bulletproof backup. The reality is quite different. Capsule is a neat little device that should solve this issue. It’s an easy way to keep your photos safe and organized, with full support for local drives and cloud storage.

– Device offers instant backup for photos and videos on all your devices

– Copies media from smartphones, tablets, cameras, flash drives, and even social networks

– Companion app lets you see and search through your photos from anywhere in the world

The Easy Way

In recent times, the likes of Apple and Google have tried to tempt us with cheap cloud storage. Of course, the offer is not charitable — it’s business. Once you have several thousand photos stored on servers, it’s very difficult to move them elsewhere. As a result, you end up paying whatever the host demands.

With Capsule, you never have to pay monthly fees. What’s more, your photos are not left open to hackers.

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It’s just as convenient to use as the aforementioned cloud services. The difference is, you’re in control.

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Instant Backup

It takes about three minutes to make your Capsule ready for service. All it needs is some power, an Internet connection, and some external storage. The device can work with empty or half-full drives alike. You can even plug in a USB hub to use multiple drives at the same time, should you wish.

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After that, you just carry on taking photos as you always have. The companion smartphone app (iOS/Android) automatically backs up every new image and video you capture. It works just like iCloud or Google Photos, except your photos are sent to your hard drives at home.

In addition to phone snaps, Capsule can back up photos from your camera and NAS drives. It can even download images stored in Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox.

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Of course, the weakness of local storage is that flood or fire could destroy the lot. However, there is no reason why you can’t back up your photos to the cloud and Capsule using the download feature. Furthermore, you should end up with all your photos in one place.

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Smart App

That’s where the other half of Capsule kicks in. Aside from being a photo storage facility, this device also organizes your photos.

Via the mobile app or web dashboard, you can browse all the images and videos stored in your Capsule drives. The interface is pretty intuitive, with your photos ordered by date. It also has a powerful search function, which allows you to search for people, events, places, dates, and more.

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When you find the photos you need, you can easily share them with friends or print them off. Additionally, this platform is entirely free to use, for ever.

“We want Capsule to be the one place where all your cherished memories live. Plug in any device and the photos or videos will be instantly available on your phone, tablet, or computer. No need to wait for photos and videos to upload!” — Capsule Labs on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Instant backup with total control. If you want to keep your photos away from prying eyes, this device makes it easy.

Future Designs

An extra USB port or two would be useful.


– Kickstarter: Until December 11th

– Pledge: $92 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get 10% off!

– Delivery: May 2018

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