The Rapid Filter System is the easy way to use photo filters

Using filters is an essential part of high-quality photography and videography. The Alter Rapid Filter System lets you use photo filters with the minimum of fuss, thanks to a unique hinged mount.

The Rapid Filter System is the easy way to use photo filters
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  • Which filters are most important for photography? Neutral density filters allow you to control the amount of light entering your camera; polarizers reduce glare and haze.
  • Aren’t filters fiddly to use? They can be — that’s why you need to try the Alter Rapid Filter System. This device lets you engage and disengage your photo filters instantly.

The human eye does a remarkable job of handling contrast. Even when you look directly at a sunset, it’s still possible to pick out objects in the shadows. Digital cameras try to offer the same kind of dynamic range, but they lag a little way behind. As a result, photographers and videographers must use filters to keep things balanced.

The Alter Rapid Filter System makes it easier to use photo filters while you’re shooting. Thanks to a unique hinged design, the device allows you to engage and disengage your filters like flip-up sunglasses.

How does the Rapid Filter System work?

Normally speaking, photo filters screw directly into a thread on the front of your lens. This kind of mount is very secure, but it takes ages to install and remove your filters. It’s also very easy to drop the precious glass during the process. The Rapid Filter System, or RFS, helps you avoid this hassle by acting as a bridge between your camera and your filters.

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RFS is a great photography accessory

RFS has a filter thread on the front, just like your lenses. You can screw any suitably sized photo filter into the front. Then, you attach RFS to your lens.

Once installed, RFS lets you switch between standard shooting and a filtered look. It’s basically the same idea as flip-up sunglasses — the filter is on a hinged frame.

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You can use RFS for video

RFS works with any kind of screw-in filter, including neutral density, polarizer, warming filters, protective UV filters, and more. It’s perfect for both photography and taking videos.

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No vignette

Adding a large ring around the front of some lenses can cause vignetting. This is where you get a dark halo around the edge of your image.

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RFS+ works better with wide-angle lenses

If you plan to use this gadget with wide-angle lenses, you might want to grab the RFS+. This version comes with an integrated step-up ring, meaning it sits flatter. As a result, you don’t get any unwanted vignetting.

“We thank the community for showing tremendous support for the Alter RFS & RFS+ products. Our campaign will continue with pre-sales while inventory starts manufacturing units.” — Alter on Indiegogo

What we ❤️

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We love how easy it is to use photo filters with RFS

Fiddling with filters is always frustrating when you’re trying to capture the perfect shot. The Rapid Filter System makes things much easier, without compromising on image quality. It even has a built-in light shield.

Future designs

We would love to see something for square filters at some point. The design would need a tweak, but it could be possible!


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– Delivery: October 2019

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