The CELLO Smartphone Battery Stand Attaches Right to Your Device

The CELLO Smartphone Battery Stand Attaches Right to Your Device

In our modern society, everyone owns a smartphone. Whether it’s big or small, runs on Android or iOS, our smartphones are part of our every day. Also in our modern society, a smartphone with an unlimited battery does not exist. Because of this, we rarely stray from an outlet or we’re left lugging around charging cables and battery packs. Enter CELLO, the smartphone battery stand. This device:
– offers on-the-go charging
– features useful conveniences
– doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of your device

Compact yet powerful, CELLO keeps your smartphone battery topped up while you’re out and about. It attaches directly to your device for a seamless integration.

A Smartphone Battery Above the Rest

I know your first question is how this battery is different than the one you already own. The answer is that it integrates directly with your device. Featuring a strong adhesive surface on the back, CELLO attaches right to your smartphone. In addition, this innovative battery also has a specially designed cable. With a 90-degree design, it plugs directly into your smartphone’s charging port with no excess cable to worry about. Finally, at just 8.7mm thick and weighing only 75 grams, you’ll hardly notice CELLO is there (aside from the increase in battery, of course!).

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All the Power You Need

Even with the super slim form factor, CELLO delivers. Tucked inside the compact device is a powerful 4000mAh battery. This is more than enough to take your smartphone from zero to 100%. The li-polymer 3.7 volt gives a 1A output current. It’s got sensors in place to automatically shut off if it detects your phone’s battery is at capacity or if things get too heated. CELLO also offers short-circuit protection to keep you and the electronics totally safe.

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More than Just a Pretty Pack

The exterior of CELLO was designed to look sleek and stylish. With your choice of orange or grey, it features genuine leather juxtaposed with aluminum for a refreshingly vibrant aesthetic. In addition, the exterior has a highly convenient kickstand. Made of metal, the kickstand props up your device which is perfect for watching films or even just staying on top of your notifications. The kickstand is also a ring which gives you added dexterity while you text, talk, and play.

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What We Love

It has everything in one place and makes our smartphones easier to use than ever before.

Future Recommendations

While I’m a huge fan of the grey to match my iPhone, it’d be great to have more color options.

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Kickstarter: until March 7th
– Pledge: $19
– Delivery: May 2017

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