The Century Jacket is the last jacket you ever need to buy

Step into the future of outerwear with the Century Jacket. It's synthetic-free and built to last a century. Say goodbye to jacket shopping forever!

The Century Jacket is the last jacket you ever need to buy
LIVSN Designs Century Jacket lasts for decades

Stop buying a new jacket every 1–2 years and get the LIVSN Designs Century Jacket. Designed to last 100 years, this sustainable jacket is wind-, water-, fire-, and abrasion-resistant and uses all natural materials. It’ll last you for life.

Tired of spending money on a new jacket every year or so? Then the Century Jacket is right up your alley. Not only is it designed to withstand a full century of outdoor adventures, but it also uses 100% natural materials like Ventile cotton, wool, and silk.

Oh, and the creators offer free repairs for life, empowering people to do more with less. It’s a concept we love, and we’re sure you will too. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this eco-friendly product.

LIVSN Designs Century Jacket intro video

Get 100 years of adventure from natural materials

So how can this jacket last 100 years? Well, the secret lies in its high-quality, 100%-natural materials. That’s right, there are no synthetic fabrics in this jacket.

This keeps the jacket naturally strong and ensures that once it reaches the end of its life, it won’t harm the environment. Want to see what organic materials we’re talking about? Keep reading.

Organic Ventile cotton

LIVSN Designs crafted the jacket’s outer shell with Ventile cotton, a specially designed fabric from the UK known for its endurance and breathability.

And it has a place in history. Originally developed by British Intelligence to help soldiers survive during WWII, Ventile cotton was created to be cool in the cockpit while warm and impenetrable in the rain.

Thanks to Ventile cotton, the survival rate of British pilots drastically improved. The fabric was so darn effective that even legends like Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay trusted it when they climbed Mount Everest in 1953.

Now that’s some serious reliability right there!

Century Jacket
LIVSN Designs Century Jacket product detail

H. Dawson Ethical Wool

And, when it comes to keeping you cozy, the creators went all in with ethically-sourced wool from the UK.

This material is the real deal. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also resists odor, moisture, and bacteria. It even regulates your body temperature and lets your skin breathe.

And the best part? Every single ounce can be traced back to a farm that operates ethically by paying employees fair wages and treating its animals with care.

That’s what we call responsible and high-quality!

Century Jacket
LIVSN Designs Century Jacket on a motorcyclist

Twill-weave silk lining

And, if those 2 high-quality, all-natural materials aren’t enough for you, the 100% silk lining will be. It gives you comfort and thermoregulation, kicks out moisture, and is antibacterial.

But wait, there’s more! The creators even threw in a twill weave to make sure it lasts a long, long time. We’re talking about incredible durability and toughness, so you can rock this jacket without a worry in the world.

Offers a classic silhouette for any occasion

And, while this sustainable jacket is tough, its suits any occasion. That’s right, it’s durable enough to wear camping but totally transitions to date nights or nights out with friends.

That’s thanks to the jacket’s tailored fit. It lends tidy lines and a form-flattering shape. At the same time, the Century Jacket doesn’t compromise functionality or full movement.

It’s designed to withstand not years but decades of hard work and adventure, all while making you look great. Who could argue with that?

Has reinforced portions for lifelong wear

But, of course, materials and appearance are nothing if a garment hasn’t been properly sewn. But this sustainable jacket ticks that box too.

It offers things like taped seams for better water resistance, gusseted underarms and articulated elbows for mobility, and tight double-needle stitching throughout.

And let’s not forget about the long-lasting YKK zippers. Yes, a build this strong combined with high-quality materials means this is a jacket ready for a full lifetime of wear.

Enjoy free jacket repairs for life

Not all of us know how to sew. So a jammed zipper, torn pocket, or ripped seam spells the end for many a jacket. But it doesn’t have to be the case with the Century Jacket.

In fact, LIVSN Design’s company mission is to help you do more with less. And it’s so confident in this sustainable jacket that it’s offering FREE lifetime repairs.

With 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns under its belt, this company knows a thing or two about creating durable outdoor clothing that can withstand adventures.

So if something breaks on this jacket, the company will repair it at no additional cost. How cool is that?

Choose a plastic-free jacket

So we know the Century Jacket is made of 100% all-natural materials and is just about the most eco-friendly piece of clothing you’ll ever buy.

But you know what else that means? It means this jacket uses no plastics, so there will be less of it floating around in the world.

Yes, by choosing this jacket, you’re not only getting outerwear you can use for the rest of your life, but you’re also getting something that’s clear of synthetics and microplastics. It’s a double win for you and the environment.

Buy a jacket that’ll be with you for a century

The Century Jacket is in a league of its own when it comes to sustainable outerwear. One-hundred percent synthetic-free, it’s built to go the distance for a whole century. That means you won’t have to waste time buying another jacket again.

Yes, it laughs in the face of wind, water, fire, and abrasion. It’s the superhero of jackets, ready to take on whatever the world throws at it.

So, whether you’re heading out on a date or embarking on an epic hike, the Century Jacket has got you covered. Literally. And, if something goes wrong, that lifetime repair policy will kick in.

Don’t sleep on this one. If the Century Jacket speaks to you, preorder it on Kickstarter today for $439. What do you love about this jacket? Let us know in the comments.

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