16 Cool tech gadgets from Kickstarter you need

There is virtually no end to the cool new tech that drops on a daily basis. Innovators are constantly coming up with new, better ideas. And we want them all. It's easy to spend hours going through all of the amazing ideas popping up every day, but we're pretty sure your boss won't appreciate that, so we've done it for you.

16 Cool tech gadgets from Kickstarter you need
MAD Gaze GLOW Mixed Reality Smart Glasses in Use

Tech is a part of our daily lives. We rely on it to make our lives easier and better, and to make certain aspects faster. With some tech, we just want it because it’s cool. There are a million reasons to love and want the latest and greatest. Some upgrades to your existing tech are easy to find since you might automatically just get the newest version of your smartphone or laptop every time. But with other items, you might not know where to start. Or that it even existed. We’ve scoured the latest crowdfunding campaigns to find you these cool tech gadgets from Kickstarter.

Our list is varied, just like most of our needs are. You’ll find items to make your work life easier. Items to make your travel life easier. Items for health, fitness, and sports. And some just plain neat tech gadgets that won’t do anything for you other than make you happy. If you’re a tea lover, a world traveler, or someone who’s always busy with work, we’ve got a cool gadget you’ll love.

Pollix Watch AI Fitness Watch

The features on this watch are next-level. If standard fitness watches aren’t meeting your needs anymore, this is the watch you need. The Pollix Watch AI Fitness Watch does more than just track your steps, distance, resting time, sleep, and calories. This cool tech gadget can also track your blood pressure and perform an ECG. It’s waterproof, and it has a Corning Gorilla Glass screen. Even better? It has a 10-day battery. For only $110 and some change, this is a Kickstarter gadget you absolutely need to snap up.

HiiDii Glasses Hands-Free Gesture Control

How many times are your hands messy in the kitchen and you’re trying to do something on your smartphone or tablet? Cooking apps make it easy to keep all of your recipes in one place, but accessing them and using them can be a bit difficult when you’re in the middle of cooking. The HiiDii Glasses Hands-Free Gesture Control takes all of that difficulty away. Once you put these glasses on, they will sense how you blink and move your head and use it to control your electronics. They can even sense the difference between a natural, spontaneous blink and an intentional one. How amazing is that? And they pair with Windows, Android, and macOS.

RedRadish® Compact Charging & Data Transfer Set

Every new device comes with a new type of charging cable. It’s exhausting to try to keep track of them all, and it’s awful when your device is about dead and you can’t find what you need. The RedRadish® Compact Charging & Data Transfer Set solves the problem of too many chargers in too many places. The set has a plug, a cable, and any connector you need for anything. The cable has 6 different connector combinations so you can plug your smartphone into your laptop, your tablet, or anything else. It even has USB-C, Lightning, and USB cables, and the choice between US or European plugs. You’ll be organized and unstoppable.

BRÜ Instant Tea Brewing Machine

Your search for the perfect cup of tea is over. The BRÜ Instant Tea Brewing Machine will brew the perfect cup of tea, just the way you like it, every time. And the best thing? It’s a piece of cake to use. Add your tea, and press a button. You won’t need to go out and buy special cups or pods to fit it either. Use tea you know you love, that you already have on hand. It works with both loose leaf tea and tea bags. This is a cool gadget you’re going to want to put on your “want” list.

Mochi Screenless Coding Robot

Not only are we here at Gadget Flow keeping an eye out for cool tech gadgets for you, but we’ve also got your kids’ backs too. The Mochi Screenless Coding Robot is the Kickstarter you’re going to want to get in on for them. This coding robot will teach your child to code without the use of any screenless. You’ll be getting them focused and concentrating and away from screens. That’s good news all around. Plus, they’ll be able to spend countless hours designing their Mochi robot with LEGO pieces they already have.

Comfy Comfortable True Wireless Earbuds

Finding earbuds that don’t make your ears hurt is a pretty darn hard thing to do. If you’re wanting to wear them for any significant amount of time, you’re likely taking them in and out to try to relieve your discomfort. With the Comfy Comfortable True Wireless Earbuds, you won’t need to search anymore. These earbuds are just what their names promises—comfy. They come with multiple tip sizes so you can find the fit that works best for you. Their charge lasts for a full 6 hours, and the sound quality is impeccable. You won’t need to worry about trading in quality for comfort with these wireless earbuds.

HubCase MacBook AIO USB-C Hub Case

If you’re a techie who has spent time waxing poetic over the ports you miss on your MacBook, we’ve got the cool gadget for you. The HubCase MacBook AIO USB-C Hub Case brings all of them back. And more. You’ll be able to hook up pretty much anything to your MacBook. And the Hub Case envelops the bottom of your MacBook, meaning you won’t have to worry about anything shaking loose. This case fits on your 13″ MacBook Pro, and you won’t need to remove it.

Sea Hunt 500m Retro-Inspired Dive Watch

We love it when class and style meet with function and usability. Sea Hunt does just that with their 500m Retro-Inspired Dive Watch. As the name says, this watch is good for up to a 500-meter dive, and you’ll look good while doing it. There are three choices of color for the watch face, it’s made of stainless steel, and comes with a durable leather band. And no matter which color you choose, the hands are easily visible in dark conditions since they glow in the dark. You won’t ever want to take this cool tech gadget off.

VIEWPT VR180 NANO 4K VR Livestreaming Camera

Vlogging and live streaming are huge. And if you’re good at it or have a talent you can showcase, you can make a lot of money doing it. But you need a good camera. If you don’t have something high-quality that you’re already using, or you think it’s time to upgrade, check out the VIEWPT VR180 NANO 4K VR Livestreaming Camera. At 30 frames per second and 1080p quality, it’s just what you need to keep your followers clicking the “like” button.

Cambox V4 Pro 4K Helmet Camera

Relive your next adventure over and over with the Cambox V4 Pro 4K Helmet Camera. Shredding down the mountain? Check. Horseback riding along the beach? Check. Mountain biking or dirt biking? Check, check. It installs right above your eyes, so you won’t have an awkward bird’s eye view. It fits any helmet, and it attaches in seconds. You won’t have to spend time fussing around with it to make sure it won’t fall off. Once you’re done, it easily connects to the app so you can share your experience quickly and directly to social media.

SOPHILIGHT Innovation Roadside Assistant Flashlight

Many of us have emergency bags and jumper cables stored in our trunks. You never know when an emergency will arise and what you will need. And what you need to do is add one or two of these to your emergency kit. We think the SOPHILIGHT Innovation Roadside Assistant Flashlight is pretty awesome, and we think you’ll agree. You can use this light for a multitude of things. As a flashlight, as an emergency light if your car breaks down at night, as a headlamp on your helmet, or as a headlight on your bike. It also comes with a strong magnet that will stick to your vehicle, a swivel head, and different caps to put over it in red, green, white, and yellow so you can use it as a replacement light if you need to for a short time. It has 250 lumens and lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. What are you waiting for?

BIJOU Card-Sized Portable Mini Projector

You’re in a presentation in a new place. You’re nervous, and you have to nail this. You’ve spent hours setting up your slideshow. And the equipment in the conference room doesn’t work. What do you do? Well, if you’ve planned for any possible snafu, you can pull out your BIJOU Card-Sized Portable Mini Projector. It syncs with your device to play simultaneously, and with a 14° upward angle, you won’t need to find anything to prop it on. And if you don’t need to save your butt in an emergency, you can just use it to play that football game right from your computer or watch those family videos from your latest trip.

MAD Gaze GLOW Mixed Reality Smart Glasses

Remember how we talked about how you just want some gadgets just because it’s cool tech? Well, put these MAD Gaze GLOW Mixed Reality Smart Glasses on that list. Now you can say goodbye to watching movies on your smartphone if you have these babies in your pocket. These plug-and-play glasses will provide you with a 118″ display and will plug into any Android via USB-C.  No more craning your neck, and since these glasses fit your inter-pupillary distance, you won’t need to worry about fatigue or nausea. Take your movie watching and gaming up a notch.

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden

Farm to table is all the rage. Now, you can bring that farm directly to your living room and grow up to 76 plants at once. Indoors. The Verdeat Personalized Home Garden is the best low-maintenance way to have fresh produce year-round and chemical-free. Since it runs on an app, you barely have to do anything. It will even self-irrigate. The garden also mimics sunlight, so if you suffer from season affectation disorder, you’re going to want this for that benefit as well.

COLDPROOF Lightweight Portable Heating Pad

For anyone who travels a lot, you know how difficult it is to be on the road and not have the comforts of home. For many of us, one of those comforts is a heating pad. If you suffer from lower back pain, you likely rely on your heating pad to get you through the day at some point. If you’re stuck on a long plane ride or car ride, the COLDPROOF Lightweight Portable Heating Pad is just what the doctor ordered. it gets its power from a power bank, so there’s no need to plug it in. Or, if you’re just looking to stay warm while sitting outside, this is the cool gadget for you.

Plevo B-One & D-One Series Smart Travel Bags

Traveling is stressful. And keeping track of your luggage is one of the most stressful things. You don’t want anyone getting in your bags, and what if the airline loses them? Plevo B-One & D-One Series Smart Travel Bags will help you take your stress level down a notch. They use smart lock technology—facial identification, touch recognition, and Morse code—to ensure no one who isn’t supposed to be can get into your bags. And if you pair them with the travel app, you can see where they are at all times.

If you’re in the market for any cool tech gadgets from Kickstarter, there’s something on this list for anyone. Kickstarter is always full of innovation. Have you found an interesting Kickstarter item lately? Have you backed one recently? Let us know in the comments.

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