A crossbody phone case is a better way to carry your smartphone

You want your phone with you all the time, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. But you don’t always want to carry a handbag or backpack with you. And you know keeping your phone in your back pocket is risky business. You’d rather it not fall out while you’re walking or, worse, forget it’s there and sit on it, potentially crushing the screen.

A crossbody phone case is a better way to carry your smartphone
Keebos crossbody phone case in use

Smartphones, while useful, are inconveniently sized and shaped for the typical clothing pocket. And if you’re a woman, you know your pockets are pretty much non-functional. Luckily, this crossbody phone case acts like a wearable pocket that will keep your phone safe and with you at all times.

Phone case necklaces are a convenient way to carry your phone

Women in colonial America wore a set of external pockets around their waist that carried money and other valuables and allowed them to be hands-free. These ladies knew what they were doing. Keebos has a similar idea with its crossbody phone case. It’s the perfect accessory for stress-free living. A sleek, black phone case attached to a high-quality cord with a strong core ensures your phone will stay safe no matter where you are. What’s more, it will be at waist level so that you can easily reach it when you want to snap a photo, check your email, or message someone.

A cord that adjusts like a friendship bracelet

Need to adjust the cord to make it longer or shorter? No problem. This necklace-like smartphone case adjusts easily, like a friendship bracelet. So you won’t have to waste time fiddling with a complicated strap adjustment while you’re chasing the kids into the car. With one simple movement, this smartphone case is the perfect length for you.

A wearable smartphone case with bumper protection

Also, this crossbody phone case features 4-corner bumper protection that absorbs shock and impact. And a 3mm raised lip will protect your screen and camera. So the possibility that your phone will get damaged or shattered is practically nil with this wearable phone case. We can’t say that same about your shirt or back pocket. Remember that time you bent over, and your phone fell onto the floor and got scratched? The Keebos won’t let that happen.

It has a pocket for your cards

Another nifty feature about this crossbody phone case is its sealable cardholder that lets you store your credit cards, IDs, and cash securely. Because what else do you really need when you leave the house? Your phone and a way to pay! Imagine going for a walk with your dog or making a supermarket run with just this small, wearable phone case that holds all of your essential items. You won’t have to lug a heavy bag or backpack with you just because it’s the only thing that will fit all of your stuff. What’s more, the cardholder also has an elastic strap that helps you hold your phone in your hand. This can be useful for larger smartphones, which can be challenging to hold with one hand while taking photos.

Keebos plants a tree for every item you purchase

Best of all, you’ll feel good about your Keebos purchase. The company promises that for every Keebos purchased, they will plant one tree through their partner organization, One Tree Planted. It’s a 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Organization that plants trees on four continents: North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Keebos believes that businesses and individuals can work together to protect and preserve the environment. Through their efforts, they hope to support the six pillars of reforestation: air, water, biodiversity, social impact, health, and climate. You can read more about their mission from their website.

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case on a Man While Riding a Bike

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case on a Man While Riding a Bike

Shipping is free

Finally, receiving your phone case necklace will be a breeze with fast, free worldwide shipping. Keebos promises to mail your order by the next business day. And no matter where you live, shipping will be free. So buying one of these stylish, convenient phone cases is easier than picking one up from your nearest tech store.

What phones does this wearable phone case fit?

Keebos crossbody will fit your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

What we love about this necklace phone case

We love that this crossbody phone case eliminates the need to keep your smartphone in your clothing pockets which, if we’re honest, are always too small for the task. We also love the extra card pocket, which makes this case an ideal way to keep all of your valuables close to you. Just like those colonial pockets!

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case as a Fashion Piece

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case as a Fashion Piece

What we would love to see

Another item that you always need to take with you is your keys. At least until every smartphone has a smart key feature. For this reason, it would be great if this necklace phone case could include a pocket for keys or a convenient key hook. Then you really could leave the house with only this external pocket.

Where can you buy the Keebos crossbody phone case necklace?

These phone case necklaces cost $28.95, and you can buy them on the official Keebos website.

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