This innovative 3-in-1 hands-free phone accessory is a lifesaver

Not everyone is graceful. Some of us trip over everything, stub our toes constantly, and are always dropping things. And if you're prone to accidents like me, you've likely dropped your phone and ruined it just shy of a million times. Unless you're ready to progress to keeping it wrapped in bubble wrap, you need another solution.

This innovative 3-in-1 hands-free phone accessory is a lifesaver
TytonStick offers you three options for hands-free solutions

I’ve dropped my phone and broken it in every way imaginable. Including dropping it and shattering the screen just five minutes after having a new screen put on it. True story. And iPhone screens aren’t cheap to replace if you don’t have Apple Care. I learned that lesson the hard way…twice in one day. If you’re in the same boat and your best friend’s mom calls you Grace specifically due to your lack of grace, you probably need a hands-free phone accessory.

The TytonStick 3-in-1 Stick-On Phone Accessory just might be a lifesaver for you. Because you can’t drop your phone and break it if you’re not touching it. And sure, bubble wrap would protect it, but then you can’t actually, you know, use your phone.

The hands-free phone accessory with three options

When you buy your TytonStick, you’ll have three options of use with one stick-on phone accessory. The creators of this device have thought through where people use their phones the most and what accessories would be the most helpful. Unless you’re sticking your phone in your back pocket all the time like me and it’s sliding out of there. Into the toilet. In a public restroom. Some girls have all the luck.

A woman is smiling and holding up a red smartphone, her finger through a ring hands-free phone accessory on the back of the phone.

Save on phone repairs when you have the hands-free TytonStick accessory

It’s super easy to switch from one option to the other depending on your needs. And you’ll have a wide range of versatility to keep your phone just where you need it.

The suction cup option

This option is perfect for getting things done around the house. Need to look at a recipe while you’re in the kitchen? Use the suction cup to stick your phone on the cabinet. You won’t need to pick it up with gross or wet hands. Want to watch something while you’re in the bathroom getting ready? Stick your phone on the mirror. This suction cup will stick to 80% of surfaces. And if you want to leave the cup in place, you can easily slide your phone off and leave the cup there for next time.

A smartphone stuck to a mirror with a hands-free phone accessory.

The innovative suction cup attachment sticks to 80% of surfaces

The ring option

Do you have butter fingers and your phone is constantly slipping out of your hand? You need the ring option. Slide your finger through this handy attachment and immediately have a better grip on your phone. You can even use the ring as a kickstand for your phone too. Next time you’re taking that selfie from above or reading in bed, don’t drop your phone on your face. (Been there, done that, have the medals.) Or do you have a kid who constantly wants to watch videos of people opening Happy Meal toys on YouTube? They won’t need to touch your phone when you can set it up on the table in front of them.

A woman is sitting in a coffee shop on her laptop, looking at a phone that is using a ring attachment as a kickstand.

The ring attachment performs double duty as a kickstand

The car clip option

All you have to do is leave the car clip attached to your vent, and you can slide your phone on and off when you get in and out of your car. If there’s anywhere where you absolutely need to have a hands-free phone accessory, it’s in the car. (And it’s the one place where I don’t have a story about screwing up my phone because I only use my phone when my car is stopped. And no one wants to pay that hefty ticket.) Use the car clip for hands-free GPS, and your phone will be right where you need to see it. And you won’t have to worry about the hassle of a bulky phone holder obstructing your view.

A smartphone is attached to a car vent with a yellow hands-free phone accessory.

Use your GPS hands-free with the car clip

It all works thanks to the stick-on back plate

The stick-on back plate is what allows you to easily switch from all three options or none of the options. And thanks to a clever design, the plate acts as an additional grip. It has finger slots on the sides so that when you’re using your phone with two hands, you’ll have more to grip.

A close up image of a woman holding a red smartphone, and the smartphone has a black stick-on back plate on it.

The stick-on back plate gives you a better grip even without the attachments

The back plate also acts as a shock absorber if you drop your phone on the back. Unless you’re me and you always drop it on something pointy right on the screen. As an added benefit, the plate won’t block your phone’s wireless charging capabilities.

A rainbow of color options

We all have our own style and favorite colors, and having a color option that matches your phone case is always nice. That’s why this hands-free phone accessory has seven color options for you to choose from.

  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow

It’s already an award-winning product

The team at TytonStick is already receiving recognition for its innovative design. They’ve won the UK National final award at the Young Enterprise Startup Program, and they were the winners of Kingston University’s bright ideas for being the best in the product category. You’ll want to get in on this before anyone else

What we ❤️

The innovative design of being able to slide three different attachments onto the back is pretty awesome. It’s versatile, and people will get a lot of use out of it. We especially like that this device works to keep people hands-free in their vehicles.

What we’d ❤️ to see

It’d be awesome to have a suction cup that stuck to more surfaces. The Kickstarter doesn’t detail what surfaces the suction cup doesn’t stick to, and that would be useful information to have. It’d be a bummer to have a specific idea for where you want to place a suction cup only to get it and the cup won’t stick to that surface.

Go on and grab your TytonStick

If you’re itching to get your hands on this awesome hands-free phone accessory, head on over to Kickstarter and get yours for only $14.16. The TytonStick is fully funded—and was fully funded in only two hours!—so you’re guaranteed to get your 3-in-1 phone accessory.

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