This custom face mask mold makes it easy to wear your glasses with your PPE

Tired of the flimsy fit you get with facemasks when you wear them with your glasses? And what about that fog that builds up? That’s pretty annoying too. Solve these problems with the Custom Molding Nose Strip for Face Masks.

This custom face mask mold makes it easy to wear your glasses with your PPE
Custom Molding Nose Strip and a Glass of Water

It’s not easy to wear a face mask with your glasses. Sometimes the mask catches on the bottom of your frames, pulling them off your face. And when you open the refrigerator door at the grocery store, the lenses fog up. Then you’re standing there, unable to see, for at least half a minute. The Custom Molding Nose Strip for face masks, however, is a personalized mold that helps you avoid these hassles.

If you wear glasses, you encounter plenty of inconveniences without having to add wearing a face mask into the mix. And this gadget makes wearing a mask and glasses so much easier. This ingenious product is a strip that you mold to the bridge of your nose and then insert into your face covering. It prevents the air you exhale from ever reaching your frames.

The strip molds easily

You won’t have to learn some complicated process to use this custom face mask mold. Fitting it on your face is easy. Simply dip the strip in hot water until it turns clear and becomes soft and flexible. Then, press the strip onto the bridge of your nose, where the top of your face covering will rest. Wait 30 seconds to allow the strip to cool, and then press on your face mask with double-sided tape. It’s that simple. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to face the world with both your glasses and your face mask.

Custom Molding Nose Strip

Custom Molding Nose Strip on a Woman

It works with many masks and coverings

You’ll be glad to know that the Custom Molding Nose Strip for face masks works with many types of face masks. If it’s flexible and you can stick double-sided tape to it, it’ll work with this custom face mask mold. Surgical face masks, bandanas, and cloth face masks are all fair game.

Custom Molding Nose Strip

Custom Molding Nose Strip in a Woman’s Hand

It creates a secure fit

If you don’t wear glasses but still want a secure fit with your face mask, these molding nose strips can help you, too. The strips provide a stable base where you can attach your mask. This keeps your mask close to your face, exactly the way experts recommend you wear it. If you’re tired of tugging at your mask to keep it in place, this is a product you need. It has a breakthrough design that helps anyone wear their mask better.

Custom Molding Nose Strip

Custom Molding Nose Strip with a Woman and a Mask

A sporting goods designer created these molds

You know you’ll get a good fit from a product created by a designer who has a background in sporting goods. The creator knows athletes count on an excellent fit to perform their best. And he gives the same quality and reliability to you. This way you, like sports stars, can do what you need to without worrying about a face mask malfunction.

Custom Molding Nose Strip

Custom Molding Nose Strip on a Woman

This moldable nose strip is reusable

You’ll also love that this custom face mask mold is reusable. That’s right, once you remove it you can use the strip again and again to secure your face mask. That’s a useful, eco-friendly feature we can all appreciate. It’s also great for your budget since you won’t have to buy new strips all the time. This way, the Custom Molding Nose Strip for face masks can easily become a permanent part of your EDC getup.

As a spectacle-wearer myself, I definitely appreciate these molding nose strips. Whenever I wear a mask with my glasses, the frames always get in the way. And yes, my lenses fog when I’m wearing my mask in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. But for me and other glasses-wearers, this gadget provides an easy way to keep our masks from interfering with our vision. The strip is also great for those with perfect vision, too, since it gives your mask a secure fit.

Want a Custom Molded Nose Strip for face masks for yourself or the glasses-wearer in your life? They cost $9 each and are available for preorder on Kickstarter.

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