This 3D face mask provides a custom-made fit

Tired of flimsy face masks that don't have a great seal? Then you'll want to have a look at Your 3D Mask. This face mask gives you an incredible fit because it's custom-made to fit your face. Keep reading this blog post to find out why this might be the mask for you.

This 3D face mask provides a custom-made fit
Your 3D Mask customizable face mask on a man outside

Do you know the trouble with most face masks? They don’t fit well. The disposable ones fall off your nose. The cloth ones are sort of baggy against your face and leave space where unfiltered air could enter. Luckily, Your 3D Mask is a new design that tackles these hangups. It’s totally custom-made to fit your face shape and filters air at the level and resistance you choose.

There’s no doubt about it, the transparent Your 3D Mask has a sci-fi look with its transparent mold that fits every contour of your face and completely seals your eyes. Two large, circular ports rest on either side of the mouth and adapt to various filter options. And a flat frontal plane keeps your mouth visible so that others can see your smile. All of these features help this mask create a seal that fits perfectly every time. It’s a huge improvement over your typical face mask and a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of new normal accessories.

How does this custom face mask work?

The company asks you to submit a scan of your face to create a custom mask. You’ll get detailed instructions in the app about how you can do this. Although the process sounds complicated, the company assures that it’s actually quite simple. From the Kickstarter page’s images, it looks as though you simply scan your face with your smartphone by holding it about two feet over your head. The custom fit that’s created helps eliminate the gaps you get with typical face masks while allowing for everyday movement.

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask on a person indoors

How does the filtration work for this transparent face mask?

You’ll have a choice. The makers of Your 3D Mask want to ensure that their customers can use this mask with any filter. That way, you won’t be stuck paying for expensive replacement filters, which could potentially cause you to stop using this product in favor of a cheaper alternative. And actually, all you need is a pair of scissors to replace the filter on the Your 3D Mask. That’s because you can cut it out of non-woven melt-blown fabric. Otherwise, Your 3D Mask is compatible with most inline CPAP filters with a 7/8-inch diameter.

Best of all, if you need a lower resistance to air exchange, additional sizes of refillable filter cartridges will be available for 3D printers for free. Now that’s an innovative design. The company gives more tips about what filter you should choose for your individual needs on its website.

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask in use

Is this mask breathable?

It sure is. The company designed its filter cartridges to make breathing as easy as possible. That’s why the filters and their surfaces are so much larger than what you see on other face masks. This 3D mask also minimizes the rebreathed air that returns to the mask, helping you breathe easier. So it’s an EDC item that’s pretty comfortable to wear.

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask on a person wearing sunglasses

Who designed this innovative mask?

The company’s Kickstarter page says that each team member has 15–28 years of experience inventing, manufacturing, and distributing custom products. So they’ve got a lot to draw on. The founder, Dr. Edward S. Glaser, founded Sole Supports Inc. and is a pioneer in the field of foot biometrics.

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask on a woman outdoors

Is this customizable mask eco-friendly?

Your 3D Mask is completely reusable. It’s made from PET material, which is pretty much indestructible, so you’ll definitely get years of use out of this 3D face mask. Best of all, PET is recyclable, so if it does become unusable, you won’t have to worry about how to dispose of it.

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask

Your 3D Mask customizable face mask on a yellow background

How durable is Your 3D Mask?

Again, the PET material is nearly indestructible. Also, the strap attachments have reinforcements that increase their lifespan. While you may need to change the strap occasionally, an elastic band is easy to find at any fabric store. The other parts should all last a long time.

How do you wash this full-face mask?

Washing this 3D face mask is super simple—you just need soap and water. And because of the materials, it should dry quickly. Also, you can sanitize Your 3D Mask as needed with a light spray of 70% isopropyl alcohol and disinfect overnight in a CPAP ozone cleaner for 10 minutes. So keeping this face mask squeaky clean shouldn’t be an issue.

Your 3D Mask is truly a unique product design. Since it’s molded to fit your face, it really eliminates those gaps you’ll get from other types of masks that can put you at risk of transmission. It’s also extremely breathable and easy to clean. When you step out of the house, this 3D face mask puts your mind at ease.

Your 3D Mask costs $49, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter.

What does your ideal face mask design include? Let us know in the comments.

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