Innovative face masks to keep you safe on the go

Not crazy about wearing a face mask? Designers and innovators alike are rolling up their sleeves to come up with creations that you'll actually want to wear. These innovative face masks will have you ditching your bandana and clamoring for a bright, playful, or even sultry version of PPE. Check out this roundup to learn what's going on with face masks in the world of design.

Innovative face masks to keep you safe on the go
Gādo and Ken Face Shield Design

Face masks have come a long way in 2020—and for obvious reasons. People everywhere are covering their faces when they venture out. And sometimes with innovative masks. The innovators among us have come up with some creative, cutting-edge face mask designs. Think of these innovative face masks as fashion accessories, and you’ll be sure to wear yours whenever you enter a public space.

These protective coverings improve on the typical surgical or cloth face mask in several ways. Many are more comfortable and breathable. All are reusable. And some feature a cool design, making mask-wearing a fashion statement. So check out these out-of-the-ordinary face masks. You’ll never want to wear that boring surgical mask again.

O2 Nano Mask Reusable Nanofiltration Mask

The O2 Nano Mask Reusable Nanofiltration Mask will keep you protected while you breathe freely. With its innovative technology, this face mask effectively blocks 99% of PM2.5 particles. Tucked inside the two-layer mask skin is a three-layer nanofiltration membrane. And about sizes, the O2 Nano Mask literally has you covered with three sizes that suit adults and kids.

AirZ Reusable Mask

The AirZ Reusable Mask is an innovative face mask that lets you control how fast air flows through it since it offers three different active airflow speeds. With a built-in fan, the AirZ allows you to breathe air only after it goes through five layers of filtering. This mask will help you breathe easily, even if you’re exercising.

O2 Flow Electric Face Mask

Are you looking for a breathable face mask? The O2 Flow Electric Face Mask purifies the air you breathe while reducing moisture buildup. Also, this wearable is designed to keep you comfortable, even if you have to wear it for long periods. Thanks to O2 Flow’s design, it can provide you with up to six times the fresh air required for normal breathing every hour.

O2 Flow Electric Face Mask

O2 Flow Electric Face Mask on a Black Background

Leaf Transparent UV Mask

Are you tired of washing your cloth masks? The Leaf Transparent UV Mask can actually clean itself with UV-C self-sterilizing technology. What’s more, this transparent face mask boasts U-series HEPA carbon filters which can filter nearly 100% of 0.3 microns. Plus, since it’s transparent, this mask lets everyone see your smile.

O2 Curve Breathable Face Mask

Filter out those microparticles with the O2 Curve Breathable Face Mask. This face mask protects against particulate matter down to 0.1 microns. And it features a medical-grade silicone seal that keeps this gadget close to your face—one of the most important aspects of a mask.

Lumen Couture LED Matrix Light Up Face Mask

Let your mask express your style with the Lumen Couture LED Matrix Light Up Face Mask. This mask lets you showcase the images and text of your choice on it. Designing and changing animations is easy with the free Android or iOS app. And when it’s time to sanitize the mask, the tech components are fully removable.

Concept Design Masks

And fashion has its takes on PPE, too. These designers think outside the box in an effort to make wearing a face mask more fun.

Studio Atelier I+N Summer Wave

The Studio Atelier I+N Summer Wave is a cheery little number that makes a summertime splash with its emerald specs. This mask will stay close to your face and protect your eyes from the summer sun. It was developed for the Bring your own Mask initiative by HyperAktive.

Studio Atelier I+N Summer Wave

Studio Atelier I+N Summer Wave on a Man

Conceptual PPE Face Mask

This innovative face mask, Conceptual PPE Face Mask by Joe Doucet, is an experiment in getting people to adopt a new necessity. With a design this stylish and sleek, anyone could get more into PPE. It’s a mask that’s a bit mysterious. And mysterious is sexy.

Hero Playful Mask for Children

The idea behind the Hero Playful Mask for Children is to let kids feel like superheroes while staying safe. The designer, Lucie Herter, elected for upper face protection in addition to a lower mask. This increases the superhero look and protects the eyes from contagion as well. This innovative mask also has a clip that makes it easy for a child to put on or remove.

Hero Playful Mask for Children

Hero Playful Mask for Children on a Girl

Gādo and Ken Face Shield

In Japanese, Gādo means guard and Ken means sword. According to the designer, the mask is Gādo, and Ken is the sanitizer bottle that has been ergonomically designed. The Gādo and Ken Face Shield features a sliding mechanism that allows the mask to fold up when you don’t need it.

So are you a little more excited about wearing a mask? These innovative face masks are more like wearable art. And when you think about it that way, it makes them something you’d actually want to wear when you’re out in public. We could think of them as accessories like a hat or a fascinator for special events. It’s an exciting concept, one that would be cool to see catch on. Did any of these masks inspire you? Let us know!

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