DeepFlight Dragon: Explore the Ocean With Your Own Personal Submarine

DeepFlight Dragon: Explore the Ocean With Your Own Personal Submarine

The best way to explore the deep blue is through a submarine. In the past, the only vessels available were huge, clunky metallic units that required a battalion of professionals to steer.

But now there’s a way to navigate the mysterious ocean with a personal, two-man submersible called DeepFlight Dragon.


Easy to Control, Fun to Use

The ocean vessel supports numerous features that can help novice explorers grasp the controls of a complex sub. Underwater, it floats around like a sports car. To control the machine, individuals can use a joystick and a lever for multi-directional steering. Flexible rotating motors help move the craft up and down smoothly.

“One of the biggest new features to the Dragon is the ability for it to hover. But, of course, we want to make sure this is as high-performing as everything else from DeepFlight,” said the company.

“For example, forward motion while hovering will naturally cause the sub to want to dip its nose, so we have to ensure compensation across the thrusters. The team will also be testing the emergency gasbags, the stability of the sub, and giving some demonstration rides to press.”

Robust Safety Features 

Navigating the rough seas can be a dangerous experience. To ensure the safety of the passenger, engineers installed positive buoyancy technology in the craft. In the event the sub shuts off, a mechanism inside forces the unit to rise to the surface. This prevents you from sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor, where marine predators lurk around.


Pricing Information

The DeepFlight Dragon submarine costs $1.5 million. Seeing that not everyone has millions of dollars to fork out, the company is marketing the revolutionary vessel to hotels, resorts and large government organizations. This would allow you to rent one for your own personal use in the future.

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