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Kushel beech fiber towels are a little luxury in the bathroom

What are the best eco-friendly gadgets? Have a look through our eco-friendly collection to see some awesome green gadgets. Are wood fiber products good for the environment? If the wood is sustainably sourced, wood fiber products are much more eco-friendly..

Green Tech

6 Smart mini-ecosystems for your home

How can you grow veggies inside in a smarter way? Thanks to technology, gardening is easier than ever. Getting a smart garden for your home helps you do the job without any hassle. Can smart planters clean the air around you?..

Green Tech

Your cat will love the EPIC! puzzle feeder

What is a puzzle feeder? Unlike a regular food bowl, a puzzle feeder makes your cat work for treats. It’s like playing sudoku for ice cream. Why do I need a puzzle feeder? Such devices help to keep your cat..

Green Tech

Love plants? OrchidBox makes it easy to grow indoors

What is a terrarium? It’s like a fish tank for plants — a glass container that provides the ideal habitat for growing. What are the best flowers for growing indoors? Try African violets, jasmine, kalanchoe and impatiens. Can you grow..

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8 solar gadgets that will help to reduce your energy bills

How efficient are solar panels? The best panels are about 15-22% efficient. Can I go completely off-grid with solar batteries? Yes, although you would need a large investment in batteries to take advantage of the summer sun. Where can I..

Product Roundups

5 Smart planters that clean the air around you

Which form of air pollution is the most dangerous? According to the Home Air Quality Guides, indoor air pollution is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air pollution. Is there a way you can track air pollution around you? With the Flow..

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