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Green Tech

Product reviews and updates from that world of technology which is both eco-friendly and useful for mankind

Green Tech

In a Crisis, the Pioneering G.E.O.D. Backup Generator Needs No Fuel

Outside the major cities of the world, access to reliable power is not a forgone conclusion. In fact, you only need to go camping for the weekend to experience a world without wall sockets. Solar power can provide a trickle... Continue Reading

Product Stories

The Rockwell Chrome Razor Cuts Every Bit of Stubble

Are you still shaving with a plastic razor? In that case, are you still suffering from cuts, finding stray hairs, and see unevenness? Its’ time to treat yourself like the royalty you are with the best shave your face can... Continue Reading

Green Tech

REVEL Gear Gives You Light and Power When You Go Off-Grid

The idea of going off the grid for a few days is exhilarating. Imagining a world without ringing phones, loud TVs, and a constant buzz is enough to get packing for the great outdoors. While these adventures are fun, it’s... Continue Reading

Product Stories

The ScootMatic Electric Bike and Scooter Can Take You Up to 28 Miles

What does your daily commute look like? Perhaps you spend too much on gas just to sit in traffic? Or, maybe you walk (uphill both ways) regardless of the weather. Maybe you even remain underground in a train car with... Continue Reading

Green Tech

The hearO Speaker Uses Championship Tennis Balls to Liven Up Memorabilia

As a big fan of sports, I love memorabilia. Anything from a game-winning football or even the net cut from a great basketball game can hold a special spot in any sports fan’s heart. Whether on full display in a... Continue Reading

Smart Living

The EcoFire Stove Gives Back to Nature while Cooking Your Dinner

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. The fresh air, the clear skies, the peace and quiet; every part of nature is worth the hike or drive or even just the walk to your backyard. The only area in which... Continue Reading

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