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Daily Digest

10 Eco-friendly products to make your life as green as possible

Which smart gardens are easy to use? These incredible smart devices help you grow fresh herbs, clean your air, and promote a calming environment all indoors. How can you reduce water usage in a smarter way? Rather than turning the..

Green Tech

The Regenerative Tee 2.0 was made for adventure

Which is the best material for staying cool in Summer? You’re looking for something breathable, with a very fine knit. What is Air Knit fabric? It’s a special kind of polyester that is very lightweight, breathable and stretchy. What are..

Green Tech

When you need clean water, the Survivor Filter Pro X can help

What is the best camping tech in 2019? Take a wander through our epic Camping Gear category for the best backpacks, stoves, lights, and more. How effective are water filters? Most water filters remove at least 99% of germs and..

Daily Digest

8 Smart gadgets to help you reduce your water use

How many people don’t have access to water? According to the UN, 2.1 billion people don’t have safe water at home while 4 billion people “experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year.” How can I..

Green Tech

Is now the right time to buy an electric car?

What range do you get from current electric cars? While cheaper models can only offer 100 miles, the latest cars can deliver 300 miles on a full charge. What is the cheapest EV? In the U.S., the cheapest EV that..

Product Stories

EcoMech 1 will keep you powered after an emergency

Is it possible to generate power with no fuel? Absolutely. Aside from wind and solar power, you can use a wind-up generator to produce power. What is a wind-up generator? It’s a standalone generator that works like a manual winding..

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