Ear-O-Smart is a Fashionable Alternative to Wearable Fitness Tech

Ear-O-Smart is a Fashionable Alternative to Wearable Fitness Tech

Wearable fitness bands- where to start? They monitor your heart rate, count your steps, and record your miles. There’s a lot that a fitness band can tell you about yourself, and there’s plenty of brands to choose from, but they all do pretty much the same thing. Even the designs are all pretty similar. Each brand may have its own unique style, but you’re still wearing a bracelet (although it is a cool, step-counting, heart-monitoring, mobile-communicating bracelet). What about the individual that prefers not to wear a fitness band? Or what if they can’t wear it to work? For anyone searching for another option, you have at least one more: Ear-O-Smart.

If earrings aren’t a fashion staple of your choice, then you can at least admire the inconspicuousness of the technology behind the design. The pair of earrings that you see in the video are able to track your heart rate, monitor the number of calories burned, and keep a record of your activity level throughout the day. As a bonus, they may prove to be particularly useful while exercising. Compared to a fitness band, the earrings may be less likely to be damaged while lifting weights. When running, or doing anything else that involves moving your arms, a fitness band may provide incorrect readings due to the fast and erratic movement of the arms. Since you don’t have to worry about ears flopping too much, Ear-O-Smart will be able to provide you with more accurate activity reports. Additionally, the earrings are compatible with both iOS and Android and communicate with your phone via bluetooth, providing you with live, heart-pumping data.

Take a look at this video demonstration from Ear-O-Smart President, Ravinder Saini. Turn up your volume- this one is a little bit hard to hear.

Ear-O-Smart Bluetooth capability

When it comes to the style, you won’t be limited to the round, white earrings (although I absolutely love them)! Depending on the package you purchase, you can pick a different style, or create your own Ear-O-Smart earrings yourself. Ear-O-Smart will provide you with the technology and guides to easily build your own smart earrings. A Learner’s Kit is also offered- it will provide users with tutorials and instructions to create the technology themselves. Anyone has the potential to contribute their own enhancements of the technology with this package.

Fashionable Ear-O-Smart
Build Ear-O-Smart Earrings

Ear-O-Smart’s Kickstarter page has just launched on Thursday, and has already gained a modest number of supporters. The team appears to be passionate about what they’re creating, and it’s always exciting to see a company eager to share not just their product, but the technology that makes the product possible with their customers. Wearable tech is moving fashion forward, and that’s a really good thing.

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