The Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns Will Make You Feel Like Bond

The Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns Will Make You Feel Like Bond

There are only so many Excel spreadsheets one man or woman can take. Your focus gradually drifts from the numbers to something more interesting — reliving the film you watched last night, perhaps. When the boss walks away, you can imagine playing high stakes poker and taking out bad guys with your perfect aim. Such childish ideas become even more fun with an Elastic Precision rubber band gun in your hand. These high-quality wooden weapons will make you feel like Bond.

– Made from all-natural wood, incl. maple, walnut, Osage, and padauk

– Choose from the PKK pistol, the classic 1911, or the MP5 machine gun

– Impress your workmates by hitting targets up to 30 feet away

Feel Like Bond

Most workspaces are pretty boring. At least, they’re boring compared with infiltrating the secret island fortress of an evil billionaire. While few of us have 007’s appetite for risk, that won’t stop us pretending.

Even if a dry Martini isn’t your favored drink, these rubber band guns should bring your inner child out to play. Made from beautiful wood, each weapon has a distinctive style and plenty of stretchy firepower.

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Simply choose your target and wait until the boss turns the other way. The water cooler will never see your salvo coming.

like Bond 05

Military Standard

It can be quite hard to reach the action hero mindset when you’re surrounded by desks. That’s why the folks at Elastic Precision have taken great care over their designs.

There are three weapons in the range, each emulating a classic gun. The PKK was made famous by Her Majesty’s greatest agent. This small pistol is easily concealed under your jacket, but it still packs a punch.

like Bond 06

If you prefer classic war films to spy thrillers, the 1911 pistol might be more to your taste. This sidearm is based on the 1911 Colt, as used by the US military until 1986.

like Bond 03

For Rambo fans, the MP5 machine gun might be more appropriate. This beast can unleash rubber fury, with a sliding stock for semi-automatic firing. It can hold 24 bands, firing them 30 feet across the office.

like Bond 02

Each gun is made entirely from natural wood, save for the screws. You can choose from three different grains, with the choice varying between weapons. The walnut and maple options particularly caught our attention.

like Bond 01

The guns are incredibly well made. The firing action is smooth, and the wood should last for decades. The only downside of using solid wood is that it makes the MP5 quite pricey. But then again, this won’t deter committed office marksmen.

Ammo Included

The guns are supplied with 50 or 100 rubber bands, which should last you a while. Elastic Precision also offers a one-pound bag of bands — an essential purchase for any coffee cup assassin.

“Elastic Precision makes the highest quality rubber band guns on the market. Our patented designs and actions offer unparalleled shooting distance, speed and accuracy.  Whether you’re tormenting your enemies or enforcing elastic justice, you won’t find a better tool for the job.” — Elastic Precision

like Bond 04

What We ❤️

Rubber band guns that are made with care, and no trace of planet-harming plastic.

Future Designs

For the times when you need to let off steam, a Gatling gun would be really useful… 😉


– Order now: via Elastic Precision

– Price: $19.99 USD

– Deal: Use the coupon code GADGETFLOW and get 15% off!

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