GoDrive Brings the Hardware Back Into Digital Storage With Their Outstanding USB Drive And MicroSD Reader

GoDrive Brings the Hardware Back Into Digital Storage With Their Outstanding USB Drive And MicroSD Reader

With the cloud solutions becoming the new conquerors of data storage, USB flash drives now seem to have taken a back seat. The advancement of technology in developing this whole cloud concept of storage has been so rapid and efficient that we generally prefer using them than an old-school flash drive today. Cloud storage syncs all your devices beautifully and gives you access to the data stored in it from any of the synced gadgets you use. But a vital criteria a user needs in order to experience this synced storage is a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Imagine travelling to some exotic location with your GoPro Hero4 trying to capture some of the shots you’ve taken till date and not finding a cellular network to take the benefits of expanded cloud storage. What’s the point of spending for such a storage solution when it doesn’t come handy in places that still struggle to provide you with a proper network! Not having enough digital storage space can be a real pain for today’s tech savvy generation who are in constant need of sharing files, photos and media.

Cloud storage is definitely something we love but having a solution for such experiences where you wouldn’t have to depend on the network service for file transfer is required too. It was this major drawback that led Pilot Electronics towards developing a product which took over 20 months of research and development. Introducing a portable, economical product that represents the modern world of digital storage – GoDrive. A mobile USB Micro SD Card Reader designed exclusively for your Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets, PCs, Notebooks, Drones and even GoPro.

GoDrive digital media storage

Your USB Drive is Now Updated

GoDrive is undoubtedly one of those useful gadgets which excels in cross-device compatibility. It’s a sleek form factor bearing two functional ends – the conventional USB 2.0 Standard-A connector & the micro-B USB for your tablets and smartphones. Together with this, it also features an upgradeable memory port that seconds as a micro SD card reader. This is definitely one of the most ideal solutions of upgrading memory in today’s time and having it embedded on your flash drive only makes the thing even more coveted.

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You can add upto 128GB of storage space using the removable micro SD card slot which is a big advantage especially when you’re travelling and will be in desperate need of digital media on the go. Store as many movies or music you wish to carry in your GoDrive and enjoy an uninterrupted experience no matter where or when you’re travelling. No requirement of freeing up your device space in order to store more data – one GoDrive is enough to have all the back up in store.

Compatible With Drones and GoPro Too!

In order to ensure your data stays safe, the GoDrive features a keychain/lanyard hole and also a protective cap sealing both the micro USB port and the micro SD card slot. What makes it even more fun is its device compatibility which stretches to GoPro and drones apart from smartphone, tablets or PCs. As described on the Kickstarter page, “When you’re out filming with your drone, transfer large files quicker to view and still have enough battery power in both your smart device and drone, to get more footage.” Switching between the USB side and the micro SD card side depends on your preference and the device that you’re pairing your GoPro with.GoDrive USB 2.0 design

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the pledges for GoDrive start from a mere $12 which can give you upto 128GB storage space anytime and practically anywhere. On successful completion of the campaign, the target lies in shipping the product by August, 2015. Seeing the utility and the neat USB 2.0 design, I think ordering a GoDrive is a must for all those who prefer having the best of digital media by their side always, including me. Happy Gadgeting!

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