GoPro Hero4 Is (Finally) Less Novelty and More Camera

GoPro Hero4 Is (Finally) Less Novelty and More Camera

We all know GoPro for its compact size, versatile mounting kits, and its ability to capture incredible shots. But, GoPro has just started a revolution within their own concept. The new Hero4 models are less novelty and more camera with advanced yet user-friendly controls. Photographers and laymen alike can now get the most out of this camera.

Hero4 Black and Silver

GoPro made its mark with its unique design and flexibility to be used anywhere (and will up your selfie game) and is now setting the bar even higher with manual settings. Just as expected, the Hero4 cameras didn’t change in design in order to keep the compact approach.

The Hero4 range consists of Black and Silver. Both models will showcase new features from GoPro:

QuikCapture allows you to use the power button as a one-stop shop; you can turn on the camera and begin recording with just one push of the button so you never miss a moment.

TimeLapse will allow you to shoot how you like; it ranges from ½ second to a full minute and is perfect for when your remote is just out of reach.

GoPro Night Photo and Lapse

Night Photo and Night Lapse will allow you to take stunning photo and video of your favourite sites at night by offering exposure settings for up to 30 seconds.

Auto Low Light takes the guesswork out of manual lighting settings on the camera. The technology allows the camera to function in ultra low light and will even adjust as you focus back and forth between light and dark scenes so you can maintain consistency and quality with your videos.

But, if you do insist on adjusting your settings (looking at you, pros!) Hero4 has just that- you can now manually adjust your colour, ISO, exposure, and more with GoPro’s Protune. Just like your DSLR, you can see your settings in real time and alter accordingly with both photo and video.

GoPro HiLight

HiLight lets you grab your favourite frames while you’re still recording video and shooting photos and you can even edit immediately. You can go back during your review to instantly find the best shots because they’re easily flagged and seen. There’s a whole new button, just on the right side, dedicated to it. When it’s not used for HiLight, the button serves as a toggle for the manual settings.

A new microphone system has been added as well. Both models have an increased range to 10DB which GoPro say will give you twice the dynamic range, so that means more depth to your videos. Additionally, the Black has studio quality external microphone support.

Similarly to previous versions, the Hero4 models can connect to the GoPro app to work like a wireless remote and editing station with your phone or tablet. Additionally, a new remote (not included with Hero4, a new thing for GoPro) will allow you to connect to multiple cameras and control each one individually from a staggering 600 feet away.

GoPro Black in water

The Hero4 range cameras are waterproof up to 40 metres (131 feet) with the waterproof case.

There aren’t many differences as far as quality between the two new models. The Silver has an incredible touch screen display that will let the user preview photos, change settings, and playback video all from the device. The Black has a processor that works at two times that of previous GoPro models. Black also has Superview; GoPro’s new view allows the user to capture even more in a single frame of video.

Additionally, while both models offer intense improvement, GoPro say that the Hero4s will give you cinematic quality video with 1080p60 plus 720p120 for the Silver and an ultra high-resolution and high frame rate 4K30, 2.7K50, and 1080p120 for the Black. The Black’s predecessor also had 4K but with a seemingly measly, in comparison, 15 frames per second. Both editions have 12MP photos with up to 30 frames per second along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. The Black has 24 fps with Ultra Wide view while this feature isn’t available for the Silver.

When companies release new versions often it’s tough to determine if the new versions are worth the new price tag. Elyse Betters of claims that the Black is well worth the money, however; if you already have the Hero3+ it may not be worth it just for a few extra features.

Michael Bonocore of FStoppers looks forward to the ultra low light options and capability. He does also hope that GoPro can add in some more features for the pros such as shooting RAW.

GoPro Fetch

GoPro has always been associated with sports and action; it’s been the go-to mounted system for athletes, musicians, parents, dog owners, and on the go photographers. There are loads of accessories, both by GoPro and third parties, which you’ll love to use (and be able to carry on you adventures) Their new range shatters the speed and productivity of previous models all while keeping the sleek, well-known design. Both versions can be accompanied with either the Surf or Music kit, which add the best mounts for both environments.

GoPro hands free

GoPro’s idea is simple: enjoy what you’re doing and get some killer shots while you’re at it- even hands free. They have, once again, brought “standard” up a notch by delivering power with accessibility.

We’ll have to wait until October 5th to order Hero4 and the prices are $499.99 (£369.99 in the UK) for the Black and $399.99 (£289.99 in the UK) for the Silver.

Ashley Timms is an editor at Gadget Flow where she gets to write about the most incredible products in the world. When she’s not writing, she’s producing fine art dog photography.
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