GRIFFIN EMBLEM Automatic Watches Symbolize a Luxurious Treasure For Your Wrists

GRIFFIN EMBLEM Automatic Watches Symbolize a Luxurious Treasure For Your Wrists

No matter how often your check your smartphone for an update on time, you can’t deny that a fancy wristwatch and a stylish wallet is what every man should have forever. Somewhere these two accessories symbolize the key fashion elements for men which, if chosen well, can definitely add to your overall look every day. Even for women, wristwatches play a vital role in highlighting their everyday fashion statement. While the wallet makers are improvising on their use of leather and other eco-friendly materials, wristwatches are totally taking a new lane with smartwatches. But you’ve got to agree that there’s something in the mechanical watch movement which cannot be overlooked by those who prefer watching time pass by in that specific way.

GRIFFIN EMBLEM fancy watch review

The digital watches may be more connected to your smart lifestyle but sophistication still lies in those fancy and stylish mechanical watches alone. When they come with an inspirational story like GRIFFIN EMBLEM, the urge to wear such a timepiece increases even more. With a brand name coming from the king of everything in Greek myth, these wristwatches had to look out of the box and definitely a luxurious timepiece for the modern gentlemen.

GRIFFIN EMBLEM fancy watch

High-Quality Automatic Wristwatch

After their previous success on Indiegogo, the team behind GRIFFIN EMBLEM is back again with a new collection of four high-quality automatic wristwatch models. The beauty behind this brand is the fact that it has been inspired from a legend. The name comes from one of the Greek mythical creatures which symbolizes the land (lion) as well as the sky (hawk) and is considered to be a royal representation in the European culture. Griffin were considered to be heroes but also protectors of gold and that’s where GRIFFIN EMBLEM comes into play. These manufacturers believe in limited quantity and better quality. So their series of wristwatches are of limited edition but always come with superior quality and in an affordable price.


Unisex Design You Can Wear Every Day

The latest collection from GRIFFIN EMBLEM brings you a series of stylish wristwatches with a 42mm case as well as a genuine leather strap. These watches not only include high quality materials but also follow an automatic movement which requires no battery. The design can be worn for both casual or professional purpose and is a unisex piece for both men and women.

GRIFFIN EMBLEM wristwatches

Every watch model is a limited edition of 100 pieces which have the specific number engraved on the watch back. In fact, you may like the model 1008 which has been specifically designed with swarvoski baguette instead of the hours.

GRIFFIN EMBLEM wristwatches limited edition

Pricing Starts From Just $240

These exquisite watches use the Japanese MIYOTA 82S series mechanical automatic movement with the hollowed out and naked pendulum design highlighting the manufacturing process beautifully. 316L stainless steel goes behind the making which also helps in providing the watches with adequate corrosion resistance. If you notice carefully, the polishing of the watch is also fine and clear. Even the leather strap provided is comfortable and in-line with your fashion statement. With every watch you’ll receive a blank metal plate you can use for customization.

GRIFFIN EMBLEM wristwatches review

Let the world know your specific choice in wristwatches that symbolize style in a gorgeous way. With the pricing starting from $240, you can now enjoy a regal experience starting from your wrists everyday. I can’t avoid saying that GRIFFIN EMBLEM is surely one of the most sophisticated watchmakers I’ve ever reviewed before. Happy Gadgeting!

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