Keep your gun safely hidden with the Lock It Up Box

The problem with using a regular gun safe is that everyone knows what’s inside. In contrast, this book-shaped box should go unnoticed.

Keep your gun safely hidden with the Lock It Up Box
  • What’s the safest way to store a gun? Keep your gun in a strong box or lockable case, and invest in a trigger lock to ensure no one else can use your firearm.
  • How much is a good gun safe? For the average homeowner, most safes between $40 and $80 should be fine.
  • What is the best gun safe for parents? The Lock It Up Box is a gun safe disguised as a book. Your kids will never find it, and intruders won’t be able to steal your gun.

With over one million home invasions every year in the US, many of us feel the need to own a gun. Protecting your family from outside threats is obviously very important — but gun ownership comes with its own dangers. Unless you lock your gun away, it’s easy for kids to end up playing around with a deadly weapon. Equally, home invaders know where to look for your weapon.

gun safe 05

Fooled ya

At least, they normally do. But if you use the Lock It Up Box, they won’t have a clue. This strong steel safe is perfectly disguised as a hardback book.

What is a diversion gun safe?

Just like the hidden doors built into Bruce Wayne’s mansion, a diversion gun safe is meant to go unnoticed. Instead of pointing the way to your weapon, it should make people look elsewhere.

That’s what the Lock It Up Box is designed to do. From the outside, it looks like a hardback edition of the US Constitution. But open up the cover, and you discover that this ain’t no book.

gun safe 07

Misdirection play

[tweet_box]The problem with using a regular gun safe is that everyone knows what’s inside. In contrast, this book-shaped box should go unnoticed.[/tweet_box]

In fact, the Lock It Up Box is completely hollow. This means there is ample space for your gun and magazine. In addition, the base of the box is filled with strong magnets. These hold your gun in place when the “book” is vertical on the shelf.

gun safe 03

Magnetic base

Just as importantly, you won’t have to fumble around to get your gun out in an emergency. In fact, this safe lets you access your gun with one hand.

How secure is a diversion gun safe?

Aside from the obvious misdirection play, the Lock It Up Box offers great security features.

gun safe 04

Combination lock

The safe is made from 18-gauge steel — not the thickest, but still strong enough to resist most attacks. It is secured by a three-digit combination lock, which lets you choose from one thousand combinations. Your kid could spend all day trying every number, and still not gain access.

“The Lock It Up Box was the product of a disabled veteran and father of four girls with a strong passion for protecting 2nd Amendment rights, as well as gun safety.…As a gun enthusiast and engineer, Kev Kutina felt compelled to develop a better concept of the “gun in a book” that would keep kids safe, protect families from thieves, and blend into surroundings naturally as to attract zero attention.” — Safety Mascot on IndieGoGo

gun safe 06

Very sneaky

Clever concealment

We really like the two-stage security that this gun safe provides. It’s also very portable, and the “book” cover is patriotic!

gun safe 08

The patriotic gun safe!

Future designs

While the primary feature of this safe is concealment, it would be nice to upgrade to 16-gauge steel in version two. The cover is also slightly elaborate — we wonder whether a simple novel title would attract less attention.


– IndieGoGo: June 17th

– Pledge: $45 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get 43% off retail!

– Delivery: July 2018

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