hEating pizza warming placemat ensures your pie stays fresh and warm for longer

If you love pizza and prefer keeping it warm while you eat it, get ready! The handy hEating pizza warming placemat wants you to enjoy your pizza the way it was meant to be. It even comes with a solid stainless steel dish to set pies on. Read on to check out this hot new item on Kickstarter.

hEating pizza warming placemat ensures your pie stays fresh and warm for longer
hEating pizza warming placemat with a stainless steel dish

We’ve all ordered a pizza and eagerly awaited its arrival. You know how it goes. It finally arrives home, but by the time that the second slice hits your plate, the pie is less than warm.

For those who enjoy a warm (if not hot) slice of pizza, this can be a frustrating experience. Well, one Kickstarter campaign wants to change that. Introducing the hEating pizza warming placemat!

Never again will you need to reheat that second slice before you taste its cheesy deliciousness. How does it work? Let’s check it out!

hEating pizza warming placemat ensures your pie stays fresh and warm for longer
The hEating placemat effectively distributes heat to your food

Distributes heat as needed

The hEating placemat is designed rather intelligently to warm effectively. There are two sides: A conductive side and an insulating side. The black bamboo-covered conductive side distributes heat where food is placed. The insulating side is made of a material that insulates heat and focuses it on the food and not away from it.

Have a tabletop that’s a bit on the delicate side? Don’t sweat it. The hEating placemat is safe for sensitive surfaces.

Uses a high-performance power cord

The warming placemat comes with a strong, low-profile power unit so that you can run it for lengthy times at higher temperature settings. It has a 15,000 mAh capacity with dual outputs.

While the 12V DC output powers the placemat, the 5V USB output can charge external devices like a regular power bank. So if you want to charge your phone while you slam down slices, you absolutely can!

hEating pizza warming placemat in action

Includes a convenient metal dish

What’s a gadget like a heating placemat without an added accessory? Included with the hEating warming pad is a handy metal dish.

This stainless steel AISI 304 dish is safe to use with food and helps the heating placemat transfer heat directly to pizza and other meals. It’s even dishwasher-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about running it through a cleaning cycle. Pretty convenient!

Features adjustable temperature options

The hEating placemat also features a range of temperature settings so you can find the right level of heat. It has carbon fiber electric resistance and can transmit heat to food without causing serious burns to users.

This is because it utilizes the best possible tempERATURE range to be safe but effective (between 122º F and 176º F). The power unit allows you to find the settings you want within that temperature range.

hEating pizza warming placemat ensures your pie stays fresh and warm for longer
Power bank powers placemat and can charge your mobile device

A great way to keep your pizza warm

There’s plenty to love about the hEating pizza warming placemat. It’s useful, portable, safe, and easy to clean. Not only that but it also isn’t limited to just pizza; it can be used for food in general.

Lastly, the additional stainless steel dish aids in its ability to get the job done. This is a handy gadget you’ll be sure to enjoy the next time you bring home a pizza (or perhaps, of course, another meal).

You can preorder the hEating heated placemat on the official Kickstarter campaign page here. Orders start at $99.

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