Hosting a Party? You Need to See the REVO Party Barge

Hosting a Party? You Need to See the REVO Party Barge

Between the Christmas parties and New Year celebrations, this time of year is filled with festive cheer. Such events center around having music and friendship, but a generous supply of food and drink is pretty essential. Traditionally, the host has to devote an entire dining table to the plates of nibbles. Meanwhile, thirsty guests must wait in line by the refrigerator. The REVO Party Barge changes all of this for good. In one compact device, you can serve hot snacks and chilled drinks side by side.

– Party Barge works as an all-in-one beverage tub, ice bucket, and food display

– Individual compartments allow you to store hot food right next to iced drinks

– 39 bottle beverages or 18 bottles of wine, plus condiments

Hosting a Party

There is no such thing as too much food at a party. Even if your guests don’t manage to clear the plates, you can always scoop up the leftovers. Some would say the same for drinks, but that would mean starting 2018 with a serious hangover.

No matter how many friends you invite over, the REVO Party Barge should keep everyone well fed and refreshed. This ingenious multi-use device can serve ice-cold beer, delicious hot dogs, and freshly made popcorn in one container.

[tweet_box]No matter how many friends you invite over, the REVO Party Barge should keep everyone well fed and refreshed[/tweet_box]

What’s more, the Party Barge measures just 44 inches long. As a result, you can pass it around and take it outside in the Christmas snow.

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Food and Drink

In order to keep your feast organized, the Party Barge is split into three different areas. Each of these compartments is insulated from the next, so your hot food doesn’t melt the frozen desserts.

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The largest compartment measures 17 inches long. Fill it with ice, and you have the perfect storage area for wine or beer. You could also use it for keeping your seafood snacks cold, or remove the ice and serve some salad. As an optional extra, REVO even offers light-up ice cubes.

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The 12-inch compartment could be used for yet more drinks, or you could pile up tailgate hot dogs. The smallest compartment, in the middle, is designed for condiments and small snacks. The Party Barge actually comes with two trays for dips.

Completely Custom

Aside from temperature control, the most impressive thing about the Party Barge is how it can adapt to different meals. Furthermore, the design lets you take your banquet anywhere.

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The Party Barge can be used indoors or outside, with the built-in carry handles to help you make the transition. Weighing in at 14 pounds without the food, elderly hosts might struggle with this server. But for most people, this won’t be an issue.

“No more non-insulated beverage tubs with limited storage options, where ice melts fast and condensation soaks the surface! REVO Coolers introduces the Party Barge, the best party accessory to elevate any gathering. Made like a premium cooler, ice lasts longer and you will never have condensation problems. Three compartments, fully insulated, can be used for beverages, as an ice bucket or as a food display. Everything is visible, inviting and accessible.  Your guests will feel like they are at a catered event.” — REVO Coolers on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Food without the fuss, and drinks without the oversized ice bucket.

Future Designs

It would be neat if the compartments slotted together in a modular fashion. This would allow hosts to add to or reduce the size of their Party Barge.


– Kickstarter: Until January 28th

– Pledge: $119 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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