Hyperion-Titanium Cigar Tubes Are a Luxurious Gift for the Debonair Gentlemen

Hyperion-Titanium Cigar Tubes Are a Luxurious Gift for the Debonair Gentlemen

D. L. Hughley had rightly said, “There’s something about having a great bottle of wine and a great cigar. Nothing compares to it.” Imagine those relaxing weekends you spend sitting on the front porch and enjoying your cigar with a latest goodread. That does seem like a heavenly feeling for those who prefer living this kind of luxury time and again. Today my review will revolve around such a batch of cigar connoisseurs who are passionate about including the beauty of titanium in their supreme cigar accessories .

Luxury Cigar Tube design

You see, smoking for some is not just an addiction. It’s a culture of sophistication, of smoking with an inherent expression of joy. That’s why the team behind Solloshi chose the metal used by aerospace engineers, Formula-1 drivers and Supermoto riders for their luxurious cigar tube design. Enter Hyperion Titanium Edition – the one cigar tube for men who love to show off their luxury all the time.

Titanium Cigar tubes

Made For the Largest Cigars

Known for their artistic cigar accessories, Solloshi’s latest cigar tube design Hyperion is made exclusively for the largest cigars. They believe in creating artistic accessories which reflect structural perfection from every angle. By combining the classic excellence of titanium with your everyday cigar accessories, they showcase a new range of products you can use to bring on that classic style during your smoking hours. This cigar tube comes with a double shell design and has been CNC machined from titanium blocks. One look will tell you that this isn’t like the general cigar tubes you’ve seen before. It’s unique and way more stylish as a cigar accessory you can flaunt from your pockets anywhere you go.

Luxury Cigar Tubes

Luxurious Approach to Carrying Your Cigar

The tube also includes a small humidifier which can hold one of your precious cigars easily for transport. The idea is to keep them afresh even if you travel for long hours without requiring a smoke. Four separate parts have been assembled to form the tube which bears a complex yet pleasing structure you are bound to admire. This is a limited edition series of 200 pieces that comes at a luxurious price of $1890 and free shipping! So incase you want to make yourself stand out during your cigar moments, here’s a good option you can start with. It’s definitely pricey but we all know that luxury doesn’t come at a low cost. One Hyperion will prove why. Happy Gadgeting!

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