Apple Keynote 2018: iPhone rumors you need to see

It’s that time of year again. With Apple’s 2018 Keynote event just around the corner, it’s time to check out the latest iPhone rumors and MacBook mutterings going around the interweb.

Apple Keynote 2018: iPhone rumors you need to see
  • What will the next iPhone be called? The new flagship will be called the iPhone XS.
  • When is the next Apple event? It has been confirmed for September 12th at 10am PDT.
  • Where can I watch the Apple Keynote 2018? Visit on the day to watch the livestream.

Once upon a time, Apple was a very secretive company. Any employee or business partner that revealed the details of upcoming products could expect harsh sanctioning. But that was the Jobs era; we are now in the more relaxed Cook period.

As a result, iPhone rumors are more detailed and comprehensive than ever before. So, what can we expect from the big Apple Keynote 2018? Here’s a look at all the leaks and speculation.

iPhone rumors

iPhone rumors 07

iPhone XS

It’s customary for Apple to release a new iPhone at this time of year, and 2018 looks like no exception.

According to leaked information obtained by Mac Rumors, there will be three new devices announced on September 12th. Two will go by the name of iPhone XS — a direct replacement for the current flagship iPhone X.

iPhone rumors 06

The new lineup (credit: CNET)

They will have edge-to-edge OLED displays (5.8-inch and 6.5-inch) and a larger camera sensor. In addition, leaked images confirm that Apple will offer a Gold version.

The third device will be a slightly more affordable 6.1-inch model, perhaps to replace the iPhone 8. This as yet unnamed model may have a single-lens camera, and no Touch 3D. However, all three devices should offer the TrueDepth camera system required for Face ID and Animoji.

iPhone rumors 04

iPhone XS mockups

The iPhone XS devices are likely to be priced at $800-900 and $900-$1000 respectively. Due to feature cutbacks, the third iPhone could retail for $600-700.

Apple Watch 4

Another major leak has revealed the pretty face of the new Apple Watch 4.

iPhone rumors 08

Apple Watch 4

It shows a display that is 15 percent larger than that offered by its predecessor. It also shows nine separate pieces of information, neatly wrapped around the main dial.

[tweet_box]With Apple’s 2018 Keynote event just around the corner, it’s time to check out the latest iPhone rumors and MacBook mutterings going around the interweb.[/tweet_box]

In spite of the large display, the new Apple Watch won’t be any larger than the current model, thanks to reduced bezel thickness.

iPad Pro 2018

iPhone rumors 010

iPad Pro mockups

Strong rumors point to the arrival of a new iPad Pro at the upcoming event. Bloomberg, no less, is reporting that Apple is preparing two models — one that measures “around 11 inches” and a 12.9-inch version.

The new tablets could have smaller bezels, and they could switch from a physical home button and Touch ID to gesture controls and Face ID.

iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

Aside from the hardware, Apple will probably give us a good look at the new versions of iOS and macOS.

iPhone rumors 03

Coming soon from Cuptertino

Reports indicate that iOS 12 will include upgrades to Siri and FaceTime. Furthermore, we will probably see the introduction of Memoji — cartoon-like characters that work just like Animoji.

Mojave will add a dark mode, new Finder views, Desktop Stacks, and more.

Other rumors

iPhone rumors 02

New Macs?

CNET says that a fourth, low-budget iPhone could arrive on September 12th, and reports suggest a new iMac and MacBook Air are in the works.

We could also hear about AirPower, Apple’s wireless charging pad, and some new high-end AirPods.

Apple Keynote 2018

iPhone rumors 09

September 12th

Whatever this Apple event delivers, we will have it covered. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates on the day!

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