Keep Your Smartphone Charged 24/7 Using A Powerful Magnet

Keep Your Smartphone Charged 24/7 Using A Powerful Magnet

Wireless charging pads are far from perfect. They are slow, clunky and breakable.

Because of this, most people still rely on traditional mobile chargers. But now, there’s a new way to ensure your smartphone is always at 100%.

Boost Your Smartphone Battery The MagTarget Way

MagTarget is a simple, straightforward mobile accessory. It is a powerful magnet that charges your device wirelessly and serves as a sturdy mount.

That’s all it does, and it does it extremely well.

There are only two steps to the process: Touch and charge. The magnet behind the device holds it securely in place, ensuring a seamless charge every time. This wireless solution is smooth, consistent and worry-free.

MagTarget multiple shots with mount

Mount Anywhere

Need to use your handheld device or tablet while it’s charging? You can do that too with the MagTarget. For charging pads, this is a big issue. Space between the pad and the device causes skipping and loss of juice. As a result, it takes twice as long to power up your battery.

The charging device comes with a strong mount (depending on what package you choose). It can twist, bend and move freely in any direction, allowing individuals to use it as a dock. The feature is perfect for car dashboards and bedside tables.

MagTarget variety of uses

Maximum Charging Speed

Full and direct contact with the charger is what makes the MagTarget superior over other smartphone accessories. Most wireless pads out in the market today causes phones to heat up due to the technology applied. Such gadgets can actually damage your smartphone if used frequently.

The charger is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It also works on smartphones and tablets. The mounts can be used on standard camera tripods (1/4-20).

Overall, the wireless MagTarget can replace your dock and charger. With this ultimate mobile accessory, you can have the best of both worlds- because you deserve it.

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