This magnetic bottle holder strap keeps your water bottle off the ground

It's essential to stay hydrated while you exercise, but the places where most people set their water bottles—gym floors, sidewalks, and tennis courts—aren't the cleanest. Instead, keep your water lifted off the ground with the Life's Easy Neo magnetic bottle holder strap. This handy gadget lets you attach your water bottle to metal surfaces, where it can stay high off the floor.

This magnetic bottle holder strap keeps your water bottle off the ground
Life’s Easy Neomagnetic bottle holder strap in use

Floors and other public surfaces can get dirty. You don’t know where the person on the neighboring treadmill has worn their snazzy athletic shoes. You also don’t know what sort of woodland animals have traipsed through your neighborhood basketball court. But, with the Life’s Easy Neomagnetic bottle holder strap, you’ll be able to keep your bottle away from anything unsanitary.

Made of brightly colored, food-grade FDA silicone rubber, this bottle ring secures your water bottle. And the interior neodymium magnets attach it to metal surfaces, keeping it away from the floor and public benches. The design is sleek and cool with curved edges and vibrant colors. Who wouldn’t want one of these sturdy yet flexible workout accessories?

Magnets lift your water bottle off the ground

Think these are some wimpy magnets that will start to slide the moment you attach your bottle? Think again. The neodymium magnets can hold up to two pounds of weight. That’s pretty strong for a little magnet. This magnetic bottle holder strap can stick to metal surfaces like gym equipment, door frames, and more. No matter where you’re exercising, there’s bound to be some metal somewhere. And this workout accessory will stick to it.

Quality workout accessory materials

Since you don’t want your water near areas that touch people’s shoes, you wouldn’t want an unsafe material near your mouth. That’s why the Life’s Easy Neo is made using high-quality food-grade FDA silicone rubber. This material is nontoxic and safe to use alongside your drinking water.

The tail transforms into a strap

This magnetic bottle holder strap isn’t a one-trick pony. The ring, or tail, portion can also function as a strap that you can loop onto your backpack, purse, or another bag. It’s easy to hook and unhook the tail for quick hydration. So this gadget is excellent for both your workout and commute.

Life’s Easy Neo Magnetic Bottle Holder Water Bottle Strap

Magnetic Bottle Holder Water Bottle Strap on Workout Equipment

The colors are encouraging

You’ll be more motivated to get active when you have fun accessories to take with you. And this magnetic bottle holder strap comes in five energetic colors: Teal, Fuschia, Sky, Onyx, and Crimson. Personalize the Life’s Easy Neo with the color of your choice, and it’ll be sure to brighten your mood and your workout. And if you choose the variety pack, you’ll get all five colors. That’s a cool color for everyone in the family or a strap to match the day’s vibe.

It’s great for indoor or outdoor use

With this magnetic bottle holder strap, you aren’t limited to indoor use. The Life’s Easy Neo can attach any metal surface, even if it’s outdoors. So you can stick it to your car, a golf cart, the chain-link fence at the basketball court, or anywhere else. You deserve a clean water bottle, even if you’re outside in the dirt.

Life’s Easy Neo Magnetic Bottle Holder Water Bottle Strap

Life’s Easy Neo Magnetic Bottle Holder Water Bottle Strap on a Pink Bag

It would be a great holiday gift

Do you have a fitness fiend in your life? This magnetic bottle holder strap makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays. Show them you care about their health and their exercise interests with the Life’s Easy Neo.

The Life’s Easy Neo magnetic bottle holder strap makes it easy to stay hydrated and keep your water bottle clean. The colors and design are gorgeous. It’s definitely a gadget I’d include in my home workouts, sessions at the gym, or outdoor sports. And it’s one I’d use on my kids’ water bottles while we’re out during the weekend.

These nifty little gadgets cost $11.95 each, and you can get them from the official website.

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