Keep your floors clean and sanitary with this eco-friendly shoe cover

Want to leave a good impression at your clients' or friends' homes? Cover your shoes with shoegloves to avoid tracking in dirt.

Keep your floors clean and sanitary with this eco-friendly shoe cover
shoegloves on a desk

Keep clean floors pristine with the shoegloves sustainable shoe cover. This eco-friendly shoe cover slips stylishly over your shoes, shielding floors from all the nasty stuff that can accumulate on them. Even better, they’re easy to put on and reuse. That way, you can always leave a clean impression.

shoegloves sustainable shoe cover
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Your shoes are well-traveled. From city sidewalks to parking lots, they contact all manner of pavement and debris. They’re dirty, to say the least, and they’re the last thing you want on your client’s vacuumed floors or handmade rug.

Luckily, shoegloves can help. This reusable shoe cover looks just like a normal shoe, keeping your feet comfortable and your floors sparkling.

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Enjoy a snug, comfortable fit

Unlike those loose, disposable shoe covers, this eco-friendly one has a snug, comfortable fit that won’t fall off. That’s thanks to a patented closing mechanism. It allows your foot to easily enter the top opening. Then, just pull the strap to tighten the cover. Any excess material rolls up discretely at the instep. The shoegloves fit securely over your shoe, and you can walk comfortably wherever you are.

shoegloves sustainable shoe cover
shoegloves and a shoe

Choose a shoe cover that’s easy to put on

Struggling to put on a shoe cover in front of clients and colleagues is probably something you’d like to avoid. Unfortunately, it’s almost a given if you use disposable shoe covers. But this eco-friendly cover is one you can put on with one hand. Just slip it over your shoes, and you’re ready to move on.

hoegloves sustainable shoe cover
shoegloves in white

Throw them in the laundry when they’re dirty

What makes the shoegloves eco-friendly? They are washable. Yes, once the cover has come into contact with your shoes, you can simply throw this shoe cover in the laundry. For your next job or meeting at a client’s house, they’ll be ready for you to use again and again—which isn’t something you could expect from plastic shoe covers.

Get a durable shoe cover you can rely on

The company writes on its Indiegogo page that it uses only the best-quality workmanship to produce this shoe cover. For that reason, all materials are made in Europe, and the cover itself is produced in Portugal. If you’re tired of poor-quality shoe covers that rip after just a couple of uses, the shoegloves are a good choice. In fact, you can expect the same quality from it as you would from your normal shoes.

Select from two different soles

Moreover, you have your choice of soles with this eco-friendly shoe cover: fabric and slip-resistant. So if you often visit job sites with hard floors, you’ll probably want the extra traction that the slip-resistant material provides. You don’t want to slide across the floors while you explain a design detail. However, if you mostly visit homes, the fabric sole gives you a soft footing for expensive rugs and carpets.

Leave a clean impression with this hygienic shoe cover

Want to impress your clients? Covering your shoes with a pro-level shoe cover can give them the right impression. Because everyone appreciates a professional who keeps cleanliness in mind. For that reason, this cover is ideal for anyone who regularly visits clients’ homes.

So architects, interior designers, real-estate agents, tutors, handypersons, and more can all find this eco-friendly shoe cover helpful. They’re even great for wearing at a friend’s home.

Use shoegloves to protect belongings from wear

Tired of tracking dust and dirt inside your car? Just wear this eco-friendly shoe cover. It prevents your shoes from coming into contact with your car’s interior, keeping it cleaner for longer. The cover can also help you avoid scratching your car’s interior with your shoes.

What’s more, this cover is also useful around the house. Because sometimes you just don’t feel like taking your shoes off the minute you walk in. And with a cover like this one, you don’t have to.

Break up with disposable shoe covers

While disposable shoe covers are convenient, they aren’t the best choice for professionals. They’re hard to put on, they tear easily, and you’re constantly throwing them away. These eco-friendly shoe covers, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. What’s more, they look more put together than those plastic blue numbers.

If you enter your clients’ homes or just want to keep your own home cleaner, the shoegloves are a great buy and promote sustainable living. Even better, you’ll always leave the house as clean as it was when you arrived, leaving a positive impression on your friends and the people you work for and with.

The shoegloves sustainable shoe cover typically costs $57.89. You can preorder it for $41.35 on Indiegogo. What gadgets do you use to ensure a successful meeting at a client’s home? Let us know about them in the comments.

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