Lishinu Dog Leash Gives You A Hand (Back)

Lishinu Dog Leash Gives You A Hand (Back)

Imagine a world where you don’t need to tightly grip your dog’s lead. You don’t need to wrap the lead around your wrist cutting off circulation just because you don’t want your precious pup to jump into the lake. Imagine a world where you can carry your groceries while keeping Spot in safe control. You’re completely hands free. Meet Lishinu.

Lishinu was created due to a tragedy turned happy ending. Grega, one of the creators, had to set down his dog’s lead while retying his shoe on a walk. His dog became startled and sprinted away. Grega did not have time to grab the lead and his dog went missing for four days. As soon as he was reunited with his beloved best friend, he started drawing ideas for solutions. Lishinu was designed for dog owners (and walkers) that multitask and need the extra hand.

Pink Lishinu with pup

This isn’t your ordinary dog lead. Traditional retractable dog leads are quite bulky and don’t allow for your hand to slide through. This means that it always has to be snug in your grip. Additionally, there is usually an awkward button mechanism; you can press one button to completely stop the lead from drawing out but you need to simultaneously press another button to lock this setting. Then, to allow the lead to retract or go back out, you’ll need to press the release.

LIshinu in Green

Lishinu is a lightweight and compact (and some even say looks great) lead that attaches to your wrist. It is completely and automatically retractable and a quick pull will lock the lead in place keeping your dog safe and your hands free. You simply slide your hand through the loop, pull the strap so it fits snugly around your wrist, and fasten with the Velcro strap. The other end of Lishinu has a clasp like other dog leads to attach to your dog’s collar.

LIshinu in action

Dubbed the most intelligent lead on the market, Lishinu simplifies the entire retractable lead process. It extends to 3 meters (just about 9.5 feet) and retracts to just 55cm (just under two feet). It self retracts as your pup comes closer to your wrist. If your dog decides to lunge for that leftover piece of bacon (and taking out any chairs and tables in his way) then you can quickly, and swiftly, tug the lead in the other direction to automatically lock (just like a seatbelt). You then have control over your dog with the retracted and locked lead. Best of all, there are no pesky buttons to press- it just works intuitively.

The neat part is that when Lishinu is locked it creates a clicking sound. If Pavlov taught us anything, it is that we can teach a dog anything with simple sounds. When the lead clicks it registers with the dog that it is going to stop him from going any further. The dog will soon learn to associate this sound with action and begin so slow or stop as soon as he hears the click.

Lishinu multitasking

Also, for crowded areas, Lishinu comes with an extra handle that keeps your dog at the shortest distance with the lead; 55cm. In the event of an emergency, a safety pull on the strap will release your pup from your wrist if need be.

Lishinu is designed to be worn every day for any activities no matter where you go. It’s only 70mm across and 37mm high so it doesn’t completely take over your wrist. The whole point is to still be able to use your hands freely and, at only 175 grams, Lishinu’s compact size allows for just that. There are limits, however; the maximum weight for a dog is 30kg (65 lbs), but the breaking point, as noted by the creators, is 60 kg (130 lbs) when pulled constantly. Best to weigh up your pup before strapping in. The strong plastic base and neoprene wristband allow this lead to be used in all situations (the creators just recommended some TLC after a bit of rain). I’d love to get my paws on a Lishinu and test it out myself.

Lishinu in Colours

Lishinu is available in six colours: pink, blue, orange, green, black, and white. It’s currently available direct from Lishinu for €39,95 (£31 or $50).

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